American shooting at Palestinian students: “An unprecedented wave of hatred against Arabs”

American shooting at Palestinian students: “An unprecedented wave of hatred against Arabs”

After the outbreak of war in the Middle East, the climate remains increasingly tense around the world: today, Sunday, November 26, news has arrived… shooting It happened at a college camp in Vermont. Three were injured Palestinian studentstargeted during the attack.

The news has been broken beforeAmerican-Arab Anti-Discrimination CommitteeWhich explained how the armed attack occurred in the city Burlingtonhome to the university the three boys attended after school in the West Bank.

What happened

According to reports in the foreign press, the shooting occurred on Saturday evening near a university campus in Burlington, Vermont (United States). The victims are all in their twenties Hisham Awartani, Kenan Abdel Hamid And Tahseen Ahmed. The three studied at different universities – Tahseen Ahmed of Trinity College, Kenan Hamed of Haverford College, and Hisham Awartani of Brown University – having first completed part of their education in their home country.

Little is known about the circumstances now being investigated police Local, with the aim of tracking the precise dynamics of the case and tracking down the person or persons responsible. Naturally, tensions rise.

After examining the preliminary information provided, we have reason to believe that the shooting occurred because the victims were Arabs“, announced the ADC.”The three victims survived the shooting, but two of them are currently in custody intensive care One student was seriously and seriously injured. “The full extent of the injuries is unknown at this time.”.


“We are deeply He sighs “For the recent accident involving three of our graduates.”Friends School, Ramallah (West Bank), said on its Facebook page. “Although we are relieved to know that they are alive, we are still unsure about their condition. We extend our condolences and prayers to them and their families for a full recovery, especially given the severity of their injuries: Hisham was shot in the back, Tahseen in the chest, and Kanan was slightly injured.“.

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The ADC has no doubt that it was a motivated attackDislikes. In fact, the three boys were proud Palestinians, wearing the keffiyeh as a symbol of their homeland and speaking Arabic. Also according to the ADC, a man could have insulted the twenty-year-old and then opened fire. However, everything needs to be verified. “We ask the police to investigate this matter. Wave Anti-Arab sentiment The hatred against Palestinians that we are witnessing is unprecedented, and this is another example of that hatred turning to violencesaid ADC Director Abid Ayoub.

It is shocking and deeply disturbing that three young Palestinians were injured here in Burlington. Hate has no place here or anywhere else, and I await a thorough investigation.“, said Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. The president has been informed of the incident Joe Biden.

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