The cheapest hypermarket in Spain is coming to Valencia: discover the location

The cheapest hypermarket in Spain is coming to Valencia: discover the location

to’Spain’s cheapest hypermarket arrives in Valencia.And so the American series Costco It will open its doors In the city of Paterna (Valencia). Specifically, it will be located on land near the city of Herron, next to CV-35. An area of ​​more than 30,000 square meters where its clients will find endless space. Multi-brand products at irresistible prices..

At the moment, this company already has four establishments in Spain: in Seville, Getafe, Las Rozas and Sestao. However, it continues its expansion throughout the national territory with a new store in Zaragoza and another in Valencia, its first in the Valencian Community. But when will Costco, the cheapest hypermarket in Spain, open its doors? Well, it is scheduled to open In 2025.

What will Costco hypermarket sell in Valencia?

In this large hypermarket, you will be able to find at low prices products of all kinds: from food, household appliances, jewelry or electronics to cosmetics, furniture, automotive materials, hospitality, sweets, toys, books or products. home. In addition, there will also be areas for gardening, hearing and optics equipment and coffins. The fact is that the American chain has expanded its product offer by selling coffins at affordable prices.

It is also worth noting that this hypermarket will have its own gas station and tire change. Additional services will make it one of the best options for purchasing all kinds of products from different brands, at low prices.

This company already has more than 800 stores spread across different countries of the world, such as the United States, Puerto Rico, Canada, Mexico, Japan, Korea, Australia, France or the United Kingdom, and in all of them it stands as the leading institution in sales.

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What does it take to shop at Costco?

To buy in this hypermarket, it will be necessary only Become a member and pay an annual fee.Which will be around 30 euros for individuals, and around 25 euros for companies and freelancers. The success of its business model is that it allows for large-scale purchases and in gigantic formats. In fact, for example, it is a bag of jelly beans weighing a kilo and a half or snack packs weighing around 5 kilos.

Costco Wholesale describes itself as an international chain of supermarkets with a price club format whose goal is to offer the best prices on high-quality products.

For his part, the mayor of Paterna, Juan Antonio Sagredo, announced that Costco “will be located in our municipality on an area of ​​33,600 square meters and will generate 250 jobs”. This opening will “consolidate Paterna as a major investment destination for the Valencian Community, as it will be the first mandatory store in the entire Mediterranean arc”.

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