Furniture and Appliances Bonus: What Will Change in 2022

Furniture and Appliances Bonus: What Will Change in 2022

The Furniture and Appliance Bonus, also known as the Furniture Bonus, was one of the most used bonuses by Italians in 2021, so much so that it deserves to be reconfirmed also for 2022. This measure allows you to buy furniture and household appliances, with discounts on purchase. The Budget Act also brought some news: let’s find out together!

Importance Ads I’m coming 2022 to any concern Additional furniture and appliancesthe most important is surely Maximum spend allowed: This amount has been reduced from 16 thousand euros to 5 thousand euros. there the new Budget Law However, he also confirmed that Until 2024 of the reward.

Therefore, the government’s position is clear: to provide facilities for longer periods, by expanding the audience of users, but by significantly reducing the considered maximum. Let’s find out all together Furniture bonus updates.

Furniture Bonus 2022: The limits will change but the delivery method will not change


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For 2022 it has been significantly reduced Maximum spending limitswith a marked increase intime horizon from the implementation of Mobile RewardsHowever, the essence of the reward or the way it is spent will certainly not change. As for the method of delivery, it is done in the form of financial understatementin 10 annual installments of the same amount to be attached to the tax return.

and not evenDiscount rate, which remains fixed at 50%, after the purchase to be made. Confirmed with final approval of The new budget law December 30, 2021.

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Furniture and Hardware Rewards: Here’s All the News


Let’s explore in detail the news for 2022, in particular those related to the maximum allowed spending. The spending cap In which the reward can intervene: pass limit 16 thousand euros to 5 thousand euros. An important discount, which definitely allows you to buy less furniture or appliances with the discount.

This negative change is offset by another positive change, which is an affirmation Until December 31, 2024As stated in the text of the new budget law. Let’s see which ones expenses Bonus includes:

  • furnaces of class not lower than A;
  • washing machines, washing machines and dishwashers of a class not lower than E;
  • Refrigerators, freezers and other equipment with an energy rating of at least F.

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