it is raining. From Belgium, Canada, the United States, Germany and Austria, more than 200 members of Trans d’Havet

it is raining.  From Belgium, Canada, the United States, Germany and Austria, more than 200 members of Trans d’Havet

In addition to the traditional 80-, 42- and 24-kilometre trials, TdH Nordic has been added this year, which is for Nordic walking enthusiasts. Registrations are open and the number of participants has already exceeded 200. Appointment July 21 and 22

Most of them come from Italy, but there will be competitors from Belgium, Canada, the United States, Germany, Austria and who knows any other country. Running in the Small Dolomites, on a challenging, panoramic and exciting track. Registration officially opened in February and there are already 200 runners who wanted the ticket.

Reaffirmation of the likes and feelings of sweat – says race director Enrico Pollini, who hopes for a long and rosy future for this event that weaves, like a thread, the relations between the municipalities of Alto Vicentino in the name of sport and passion.

Having survived the pandemic in 2020 with a standalone special edition, quietly restarted with only short distances in 2021, last year’s racing returned in great style and, needless to say, was packed with athletes: 650 at the start split over three distances. Besides them, morally and also physically, there are about 450 volunteers who work hard every year to make this edition really a success. That the year 2023 is the number 12 issue. Historic raceUltrabericus Team On the Thin Red Line ensures that the event is perfectly organized in terms of times, gates, refreshments and assistance at the start, finish and along the course. For this reason, those who participate in TdH have only one interest: to get their legs spinning and to try to conquer their own limits on a path between heaven and earth, traveling along the roads of communication and the paths trodden by history.

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But let’s get to the tracks. The “softer” and affordable proposal, although not underestimated, is Montefalcon Half Marathon With 24km and 1500m D+. For those who aren’t content with a half marathon, there it is Recuaro Marathon, 42 km long, 2700 m D +. Finally, for the hardest of them, there are the long ones Ultra Marathon With 80 km and 5500 m d +. New for this year is the race, which will be handled using Nordic Walking technology, which takes place over the same route as the 24km but provides separate ceremonies for registration, standings and awards.

The race has the sponsorship of the departments involved in the route (Piovene Rocchette, Santorso, Schio, Posina, Valli del Pasubio, Vallarsa, Ala, Crespadoro, Recoaro Terme and Valdagno), and the essential support of the ANA Civil Protection Transport Team. Vicenza, from the Italian Red Cross with the Schio and Valdagno commissions, from the CNSAS with stations Schio, Arsiero, Rovereto, Ala, Verona, Recoaro Terme and Valdagno, from the ANA Civil Protection teams in Vicenza, from the Alpine groups of the Vicenza and Valdagno departments and the CAI departments in Valdagno and Ricuaro Terme and Arzignano.

Shepherds and shelters – Trans d’Havet is made possible by the hundreds of volunteers who gather on the Little Dolomites at each edition to ensure the best possible development of the event in all its aspects. It is impossible to forget the invaluable support of sponsors with Craft, Compressport, Oliviero Toyota, Masters, Why Sport, Sambo Servizi, Manaly and Elleerre. Seven refugees were visited: Malga Davanti Novegno, Passo Xomo asylum, Papa asylum, Campogrosso asylum, Fraccaroli asylum, Scalorbi asylum, Chalet Montefalcone.

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All information available on the official website www.transdhavet.itupdates on Trans D’Havet’s Facebook and Instagram channels.

Photo gallery: E. Guthier, Petrobelli, Sciani

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