Moma Manresa | A new private cultural space was born with workshops, exhibitions and book clubs

Moma Manresa |  A new private cultural space was born with workshops, exhibitions and book clubs

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This is what the inside of MoMa, Manresa's new private cultural space, looks likeOscar Bayona

After 10 years at Bases de Manresa, foundersMoMa New School language teacher Maria Gallofré and Montse PareraThey had to decide whether to keep the headquarters or look for a new space. They found and bought Ship from 1940, at No. 4 of Jingol Passr, which turned into an investment of €650,000 Completely rehabilitated buildingR, with an area of ​​435 square meters and three floors In addition to housing the school, it was born of a call for open cultural space in the city. he The MoMa Espai Cultural Museum will open on March 16 (5 p.m.) with the exhibition the animals By Valencian artist Adrian Miko Although classes in the new building already started in January; And also the first exhibition.

The new cultural space It was a warehouse and laboratory for the disappeared Llum i Color photography shop in Manres The cultural director explains that the goal is to program “what we want to see and what is happening in the city.” Marta CambrupI am responsible for the new center. A project that has a lot to do with the dynamics of the school working through projects, with reading and musical theater and, above all, with the fact of finding a space like a ship in which they moved: “We will open the whole world and we decided to bring culture closer not only to our students, but to the whole city through exhibitions and workshops.” Work and the bookstore,” explains Barrera.

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Downtown Library

Located on the ground floor of the building, across from reception, it specializes in art books, children's and young adult literature in English, French, Catalan and Spanish and “a selection of objects and works created by local artisans and artists”. From April, the library will launch its program of activities with two monthly reading clubs for children and various illustration, creative writing or reading workshops designed to “encourage the habit of reading among young people”. It will have a booth for Sant Jordi, on Pasig.


Barrera and Camprobi explained yesterday that the aim is to program “between 5 and 6 contemporary art exhibitions a year. The book that can be seen these days is entitled 'The Usefulness of the Useless' by Anna Bennett and Octavi Serra; for the time being, Adrià Mikko will be there; Silvia Camps Garcia; Isidro Neto and David Rickard Andrew. Admission is free and can be visited from Monday to Friday (2/4 from 10 to 2/4 from 2 p.m. and 2/4 from 4 to 8 p.m.

Cultural workshops for adults in Catalan

They are planning for April 25th and will be held in the morning. The first round will include courses in astronomy, art history, opera, fashion, yoga, drawing, nutrition, photography and contemporary dance. They will often have dozens of sessions for groups ranging from 4 to 15 people. They will be paid.éï customs.”

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