“It is my erotic fantasy,” which challenges Fagnani – Libero Quotidiano

“It is my erotic fantasy,” which challenges Fagnani – Libero Quotidiano

Drusilla Foer without brakes. Actress, alter ego Gianluca Gori, reveals the unimaginable. a hero? king Henry Mintana. In fact, it’s her recurring sexy fantasy: “I love Mintana because he’s cute, he knows how to make me laugh.” And the Michael Santoro? “A stubborn man, making him change his mind should be a feat. But also with Filippo Timmy…”.

However, there are many suitors for Foer and it doesn’t matter if they’re women or men: “Since I’m on social media, I don’t tell you the messages I receive. They’re not relevant here. However, I have a standard answer that I also send to the people who are most Severity: ‘Darling, know that when the mourning period is over, You will be the first on the list“.

The protagonist of the “Italians” column del Corriere della Serathe former host of the Sanremo Festival does not hide her frankness: “I say what I think without being aggressive. Or why I never say “absolutely yes” and “absolutely no”, but prefer to say “I think”, “in my opinion”. Anyway, I think it’s a good thing that a figure who is also famous for his (Sanremo speech, ed.) speech on exclusivity, i.e. the importance of accepting oneself and being oneself, is next to Putin on his Internet searches. This means that there is also a need for humanity and tolerance.”

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