Arcangelo Scacchi, A Life in the Service of Science

Arcangelo Scacchi, A Life in the Service of Science

The Chapter of the Gravina Cathedral in Puglia announces the first event scheduled for the Christmas period in the Finia Library. In fact, on December 10, at 18:00, there will be an exhibition called “Arcangelo Chess: A Life in the Service of Science”, in which the following speakers will take part:
– Professor Rossella de Ceglie of the Research and Innovation Department in the Humanities, Barry University;
– Professor Rafael La Perna of the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences at Barry University.
– Dr. Francesco Tarantini, Head of the Alta Murgia National Park.
– Don Giacomo Loroso, Director of the Heritage Museum of the Cathedral Chapter
– Archbishop Giovanni Ricciotti of Altamura-Gravina – Acquaviva delle Fonte

This event was organized on the occasion of the exhibition of books and documents of the Scacchi family kept in the Fini Library. Some of them are displayed in display cases and will be able to be admired during the event. Among these unique editions are texts published by the scientist himself and a sonnet dedicated to Stanislau Scacci, predecessor of Arcangelo.

The reputation of the Scacchi family established itself in the second half of the eighteenth century with the election of Stanislau Scacchi as governor of Gravina, and would grow thanks to the brilliant career of Arcangelo Scacchi as a professor and scientist, which would allow him to obtain national and international fame.

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