Pau Casals and the music of the clips at the Sabadell International Music Festival

Pau Casals and the music of the clips at the Sabadell International Music Festival

he Sabadell International Music Festival He has a new appointment today in Sabadell. the Mediterranean couple the first show Pau Casals and clip, a concert that culminates the ten-year process of compiling sardana and other music composed by Casals and which contains a duet version. Research has been doing just that Musicians for Cobla Who wanted to highlight these creations of the great cello master in order to introduce them in concerts and make a recording of them afterwards.

“La Copla Mediterranea is one of the essential elements of the festival. Every year it brings us a different project with the aim of valorizing Copla music that is usually unknown.”

“The copla has its own identity and music dedicated to it. It is not only sardana, but copla and symphonic music. In addition, we can add other instruments, such as violin or cello.”

Joana Soler, President of Joventuts Musicals de Sabadell

in the morning

Joana Soler (Joventuts Musicals Sabadell): “Brahms’ Requiem is a song of hope”

Sabadell DNA in assembly

The party will have a dual direction. Anthony Ross Marba and Bernat Castillejo from Sabadell will be there. One aspect of the Sabadell International Music Festival aims to showcase the talents of Sabadell.

“Having Ros Marbà is a real luxury. It is very big, but it is at its best and Bernat Castillejo is ours. This year if we go to see all the concerts, in one way or another, we have people from our homeland”


The concert will include the performance of six sardanas along with other pieces of music composed by Casals and also sardanas prepared by his brother Enrique. The proposal wants to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the death of Pau Casals, which was celebrated last year. In addition, coinciding with the centenary of Igor Stravinsky’s visit to Barcelona and the centenary of Julie Garita’s death, the concert will also include transcriptions of a duet Fire birdby the Russian master, and two sardanas by the Catalan composer.

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Next appointment

The activities of the twenty-fourth session of the Sabadell International Music Festival will continue next Monday with a concert by the Sabadell Accordion Orchestra, which will be held at eight o’clock in the evening in the courtyard of the Casal Per Quart. The proposal bears the title (In)an official tour through music history With original accordion parts. Seats for the concert are sold out.

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