It could be a sign of football failing.

It could be a sign of football failing.

In recent days the question Sopraloy He’s back at the center of sports policy debates. Also accomplices the words For the president of Juventus, Andrea AgnelliThe project appears to have gained new strength, and is back to intimidate the major institutions of European football.

He also talked about this Gabriel GravinaWho today spoke to the microphones of “Politics in the Ball” on Parliament of Ray. The Federation President has returned to to harshly criticize The Super League projectConsidered dangerous to the future of football:

Gravina Superliga

From an economic-financial point of view, we have very serious problems e Some think superalloys are the answer, but it’s the worst answer. The real problem with football is not the lack of financial resources, but their use. We need to beat the old format, improve the brand and look for new projects instead We choose the shortest path, we search for new resources that can indicate the failure of football, Because in fact management costs must be controlled. I appeal to common sense, and the ability of these entrepreneurs to put aside this failed, useless and harmful idea, and instead focus on contributing to football in other ways.“.

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