Self-driving, Russia’s Yandex stops testing in the US – Navigation

Self-driving, Russia’s Yandex stops testing in the US – Navigation

Russian IT giant Yandex Stop doing auto-related tests A Self-driving at United States of AmericaAfter the outbreak of war in Ukraine. The company has created a project related to robots in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and entered into a partnership with them Grubhub To offer home delivery around campus: Everything stops.

While the program with Grubhub has been shut down, possibly permanently, the robotaxi service appears to have been suspended just waiting for better times, according to Automotive News. As for the type of legislation and interest, the United States has always been the ideal place to implement autonomous drive projects, and Yandex has chosen to follow the path of other companies and start-ups.

This is just another case of a company preparing to shut down its business In light of the conflict waged by Russia in Ukraine. But this time, it was not an American company that pulled out of business in Russia, but the opposite is true. Yandex will continue its Moscow home delivery service, which opened in April 2020 during the Covid pandemic: it relies on a vehicle called a ‘Rover’ that travels at about 8 kilometers per hour on pavements, thanks to its lidar sensors and cameras.

Yandex started working on self-driving technology in 2016, Officially launching its development program in January 2017. In 2019, Yandex revealed the cost of installing autonomous driving systems in a car: about 90 thousand euros per vehicle tested. Our ambition is a necessary step to quickly verify that the changes to the algorithms we make are productive. “New cars will have a more advanced level of technology,” said Dmitry Bolchuk, head of the self-driving car division at the time. On the other hand, a surname of Ukrainian origin.

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