Poste Italiane opens the selection: it looks for many numbers and the minimum salary is 1200 euros, but you earn much more than that

Poste Italiane opens the selection: it looks for many numbers and the minimum salary is 1200 euros, but you earn much more than that

Poste Italiane is looking for workers. What are the vacancies and how to apply by sending your resume.

Good news for job seekers. In this period, many companies have opened up to hiring and an increase in personnel has already been registered since May. The increase in the employment rate was 1.7%, with 21 thousand jobs more.

Job offers at Poste Italiane (

Summer season can be recorded more substantial increases, also thanks to the boost made by seaside resorts. Among those who hire the most are large corporations; These are desirable jobs because they represent a safer, well-paid job opportunity. Someone is looking for workers now, but you should hurry to apply.

Poste Italiane opens the selection, salaries from 1200 euros

Poste Italiane is looking for employees and the positive thing is that many job offers are in the south and in the islands. The Italian company strives for both Alumni and alumni To be employed in various locations across the country. And they range from the most wanted engineers in cities Turin, Milan, Genoa and Mestre. and again Bologna, Pescara, Rome, Naples and Palermo. These cities are looking for experts in real estate.

Poste Italiane, how to apply
How to apply to work at Poste Italiane – Credit: Poste Italiane (Fb) (

In Prato, Bari and Reggio Emilia, counter operators who know Chinese are sought after. Space also for internships, with appointments to achieve Professional forensic medicine address Previous Article 41 of Law 247/2012 in Cities Rome, Naples and Cagliari. We are also looking for the numbers of the front-end A Bolzano and Trentino-Alto Adige And engineering graduates to get logistical opportunities in cities Pavia, Venice, Milan, Turin, Bologna and Rome.

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Poste Italiane also opens options to search for postmen. Choices have no age limit, even if the company prioritizes youth and There is no minimum marks required related to the degree. Recruitment is not through a public competition, but as a private company, by going to the Poste Italiane website.

As for salaries, they start at 1,200 euros per month for postal employees, and increase based on overtime and seniority. Diploma Minimum requirements required To work in the Italian Post Office, as well as to obtain a driver’s license for postal drivers. For employees, it varies according to the level of classification (A1, A2, B, C, D, E, F) and role. A junior postman earns between 1,160 and 1,200 euros per month. The consultant earns about 1,500 euros. Employment contracts provide for all the protections provided by law.

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