Israel: “The operation in Gaza will continue as long as necessary.”

Israel: “The operation in Gaza will continue as long as necessary.”

Operation Breaking Dawn “will continue as long as necessary.” The Prime Minister said that Yair Lapid. “We are acting in a purposeful and responsible manner – after thanking the army for its work – to minimize harm to those who are not involved,” he added.

In the early afternoon, anti-missile sirens sounded, for the first time since the beginning of the conflict, to Beersheba At the beginning of the dig. As soon as the funeral of Khaled Mansour, a senior official in the Islamic Jihad movement, who killed Israel last night in Gaza, ended with the firing of large rockets from the Strip towards the south of the Jewish state. Sirens also sounded in Rishon LeZion, near Tel Aviv. According to the television, the missiles were intercepted in both Beersheba and Rishon by Iron Dome. Residents of some Jewish areas around the Strip were ordered to enter shelters.

Farnesina follows the escalation in Gaza with great concern and victim reports from the Palestinian population. Italy strongly condemns the firing of rockets into Israeli territory and reaffirms Israel’s right to guarantee the safety of its citizens. The parties are urged to exercise restraint to avoid an expansion of hostilities that would cause further casualties and suffering to civilians. This new wave of violence – and this has been emphasized – is yet another confirmation of the need to relaunch diplomatic efforts to find a just and lasting solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

At the start of the third day of fighting, the updated death toll from the Gaza Ministry of Health stood at 29 dead and more than 250 wounded. This was reported by the Palestinian News Agency “Ma’an”. This outcome was revealed with the completion of rescue operations in a building in Rafah (south of the Gaza Strip) that was destroyed in the fighting. Maan indicated that eight bodies, including three women, were found in that building. The ministry had announced earlier that the death toll had risen to 32 and 215 wounded.

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Gaza City, an Israeli missile hit the buildings

Since the start of Operation Dawn in Gaza, Islamic Jihad has fired 580 rockets at Israel. 120 of them fell in the sector. This was stated by Israel Army Radio. According to the broadcaster, Iron Dome defense batteries intercepted 96% of the missiles directed at populated sites in Israel. Still other missiles have landed in open areas or at sea. So far, Israel has bombed 140 targets in the Gaza Strip. Among them is a military tunnel for the Islamic Jihad movement. Two military leaders from that organization were also killed: Taysir al-Jabari, commander of the northern region of the Gaza Strip, and Khaled Mansour, commander of the southern region.

Twenty members of Islamic Jihad were arrested overnight Israeli security forces in the occupied West Bank: The Israeli army announced this, on the third day of a military operation on the Gaza Strip. In a press statement, the army announced that during several raids, “about 20 suspects of belonging to the Islamic Jihad terrorist organization” were arrested in the West Bank, the Palestinian territories occupied by the Jewish state since 1967.

Sirens sounded this morning in the outskirts of Jerusalem. According to the Israeli public television, Kan, the Iron Dome defense systems intercepted two rockets fired from Gaza. There is no news of the victims. The incident took place while groups of religious Jews were entering the Temple Mount for the Jewish holiday on the ninth of August.

The Israeli army continued to bombard Gaza at night in response to the rocket fire, as tension is feared in Jerusalem over the celebration of Tisha P’Av, a Jewish holiday. The Times of Israel reported this, saying that the ritual venues are inhabited by a huge police force. Many pilgrims are already waiting to get to the mosque plaza, where access to men under a certain age has been banned. Meanwhile, the Palestinian Jihad movement confirmed, with the “Dawn” operation entering its third day, the martyrdom of the Supreme Commander Khaled Mansour, in addition to the killing of Taysir al-Jabari, which occurred two days ago during the Israeli raids. According to the same source, the commander of the missile unit in the Al-Quds Brigades, Raafat Al-Zamili, was martyred in the Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip. Palestinian media – also The Times of Israel – reported that 7 were wounded in the Israeli attacks near Rafah, where an apartment building was hit. The Israeli military claims, in an English-language tweet, that it has targeted alleged terrorist tunnels used by the Islamic Jihad movement.

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The Palestinian death toll rose last Friday due to Israeli attacks in the conflict in Gaza between Israel and Islamic Jihad to 32, including six children: the Ministry of Health in the Palestinian sector announced today, adding that 215 were wounded.

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