USA, Trump: “I won the election twice, we can do it again.” Attacks on Pelosi and Biden

USA, Trump: “I won the election twice, we can do it again.”  Attacks on Pelosi and Biden

From the stage of the Conservative Conference (CPAC), the billionaire re-introduced the hypothesis of his reappointment to the presidency of the United States in 2024. He then criticized the president of the Chamber for his visit to Taiwan: “Everything he touches turns out to be bad: he tried to sue me twice and failed. That woman brings chaos.” Migrants say: ‘We must stop the invasion’

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“I’ve raced twice, I’ve won twice, and we can do it again.” Donald Trump returns to propose his possible candidacy in the US presidential election in 2024. From the stage of the conservative CPAC conference, the former president rode his fighting horses for two hours: from the “stolen” elections to America in the event of a “immigrant-infested” retreat, passing through his “rejected offer” by sending National Guard January 6, 2021 And the constant persecutions he is subjected to to silence him. Then launches a new idea to cancel the Ministry of Education. After beating out a CPAC (unofficial poll) poll with 69% of preference followed at 24% by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, the businessman appeared confident and aggressive.

Trump attacks Pelosi in Taiwan: ‘This woman brings chaos’


China and Taiwan, what is happening and what is the relationship of the United States and Nancy Pelosi to it

Trump attacks House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on a visit to Taiwan. “Everything she touches turns out to be bad: I tried to isolate her with me twice and failed. That woman brings chaos and that’s what’s happening in China and Taiwan. Now China has a chance to do it. What he wants, will never happen to me,” Trump says, speaking to the CPAC. He also talks about Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell, “America’s most hated politician.”

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Biden’s criticism

A comprehensive criticism of Joe Biden and his policies, especially the economic ones that the United States risks going from recession to depression. “We are a third world country in many ways,” he says. The United States was with me energy independent, “Now we have to go around begging. Take for example the five worst presidents in American history: none of them did the damage that Joe Biden does,” he adds.

election battle

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Assault on Capitol Hill, Justice Department investigating Trump

Trump adds to applause: “The return of America begins in November, and it will continue in 2024. We will continue to fight and take back the country.” It hurts me because in this way I can no longer represent you. If I remain silent the attacks against me will cease immediately, but I cannot do that because I love this country.” “I am not doing this for myself but for you. For me it is an honor to do so because if I don’t we risk becoming a new version of Venezuela or the Soviet Union or Cuba.” Trump explains how the midterm elections in November are a referendum on the “terrible run of the Democrats. We need a relentless and widespread populist campaign. We want to be populist.”

Immigration issue

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Trump: Biden has brought America to its knees. The Republican Party will win in 2024

“We must stop the invasion at the border” with Mexico: “We are invaded by” immigrants, “says Donald Trump, stressing that any death or crime caused by an illegal immigrant “is completely avoidable.” Joe Biden’s agenda for open borders and Democrats makes no sense: We defend the borders of distant countries and we don’t defend our own.” Trump praised his immigration policies — “borders were safe with me,” while now “millions are entering our country unchecked.”

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Trump: The Education Ministry should be abolished

“We have to abolish the Ministry of Education.” It is the latest idea of ​​Donald Trump. “Teachers should not be allowed to teach transgender people without parental consent,” says the former president from the CPAC stage. “Men should stay away from women’s sports. We must win and restore freedom of speech against censorship” to Democrats.

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