It was really all wonderful

It was really all wonderful

Greek exchange for 11 students from Class 1A of Primo Levi Language High School. Badia High School students went to Thessaloniki accompanied by Professors Massimo Pamini and Emanuela Trevisani to complete the second phase of the cultural exchange with the Evkarpia Gymnasium – Thessaloniki.

On the first day, the pupils were welcomed into the school where some typical Greek sweets were waiting for them which they all enjoyed very much. In the afternoon, they meet their host families. The next day, students and teachers toured the historic center of Thessaloniki, where they were able to visit some of the most important monuments such as the White Tower, Vlatadon Monastery and the Rotunda. In the afternoon and in the evening, all the boys met at the mall, where they spent a few hours together. On the last day, the Museum of Vergina, one of the most famous archaeological sites in Greece, was visited. In the evening a farewell party was held at the house of Orpheas, one of the Greek boys.

This exchange was incredibly informative and motivating, especially considering it was the first time the class had had an experience of this kind.. The hope is to keep in touch with new Greek friends. The headmaster of the school, Amos Gulineli, was also satisfied, commenting: “Another good experience was completed, thanks to the fruitful cooperation of all the people involved. Travel, understood as educational exchanges and trips, has always been a pioneer for our institute, and being able to propose it again is a pleasure for everyone.” “.

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