Ukraine: Schultz, the war can go on for a long time – Politics

Ukraine: Schultz, the war can go on for a long time – Politics

German Chancellor Olaf Schultz He does not expect the war in Ukraine to end soon and repeats that peace is impossible without the withdrawal of Russian forces. “We must be prepared for the fact that this (war) may take a long time,” Schultz said at an event organized by the Rheinische Post yesterday. Deutsche Welle report. He added that Moscow could not dictate the terms of peace in Ukraine. “Ukraine must be able to defend its integrity and independence,” he continued, stressing – as he said on March 5 – that he sees no possibility of peace without the withdrawal of Russian forces.

Kishida in Kyiv
Unexpected visit to Ukraine Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida To meet with President Zelensky. This is the first visit of a Japanese prime minister to a country at war since the end of World War II.

The Japanese Foreign Ministry stated that Kishida “will convey to President Zelensky his respect for the courage and perseverance of the Ukrainian people who defend their homeland under their leadership, as well as the solidarity and continued support for Ukraine from Japan and the Group of Seven.” statement.

NHK reported that the flight to Ukraine was made using a general-purpose military aircraft, not a government aircraft. The plane took off Sunday night from Tokyo’s Haneda Airport for India, three hours before the government plane carrying Kishida in the same direction on the state visit. The plane can seat about 10 passengers, to reduce the prime minister’s entourage and control the flow of information. Kishida then boarded a train near Przemysl, Poland, near the border with Ukraine, around 1:30 am local time, in the direction of Kiev.

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The Japanese Prime Minister is the only leader of the group of industrialized countries of the world who has not yet visited Ukraine since the beginning of the conflict.

Today, Monday, the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense said that an explosion in the town of Djankoy in Crimea destroyed Russian cruise missiles aimed at Moscow’s Black Sea Fleet. The Guardian reported that. For his part, the advisor to the Ukrainian Ministry of Interior, Anton Gerashchenko, published a video showing the area of ​​the city’s railway station and a powerful explosion.

Yesterday, the Russian forces launched 21 air strikes and 9 missile attacks In Ukraine, including one in the city of Slavyansk (east), which did not result in casualties: the General Staff of the Armed Forces in Kiev announced this in its daily update of the conflict, adding that Moscow also launched about sixty missiles with multiple launch systems. . For its part, Ukrainian forces repelled 120 Russian attacks in the directions of Liman, Bakhmut, Avdiivka, Marinka and Shkhtarsk in the Donetsk region of eastern Ukraine. Ukrainian media reported this. The report indicates that the Russian armed forces continue to maintain a large military presence on the territory of Belarus, but apparently without forming attack groups.

The Russian army bombed a village this morning in the Kharkiv region, in eastern Ukraine, damage to some power lines: this was announced by the head of the regional military administration, Oleg Sinigubov, Ukrinform reports. Senigubov indicated that the Russian army continued yesterday, Thursday, to bomb border settlements in the Kharkiv region, hitting at least 14 of them.

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