Discovery in Porto Selvaggio

Discovery in Porto Selvaggio

New discovery of mixed orchids in Porto Selvaggio. there “Serapicamptis uluzziana”dedicated to Tori Olotsu Bay, was found during a voyage from Lino Chetani De Noha told Roberto Jan, coordinator of Giros Salento, the Italian group for research on wild orchids.

“Crossroads” never seen before

“Morphometric and bibliographic studies – showing the month of January – allowed me to identify two species of orchids ‘Anacamptis Morio’ and ‘Serapias bergonii’, which, by crossbreeding, have given rise to the hybrid, which is new to science and first reported in the Regional Natural Park in Porto Selvaggio.” A few weeks ago, the very rare Ophrid of Palermo, endemic to Sicily and never found in Puglia: the report was posted on social media by Dennis Forte DiNardo caught Jan’s attention right away.

Lychee, the secret spring of orchids: the surprise in the suburban garden

This finding is twofold

The official nature of the two discoveries comes on the eve of the “Day of the Magic of Plants”, the International Day of the Magic of Plants, which is celebrated all over the world on May 18, and a few days before the International Day of Biological Diversity, May 22 A few years ago, a hybrid was discovered in the oasis Sezen Smei Named after Renata Fonte, who was killed to protect Porto Selvaggio from speculation.

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