Catalonia exceeds 2,100 startups

Catalonia exceeds 2,100 startups

Since the first known modern steam engine began operating in 1833 at the Fabrica Bonablata in Barcelona, ​​Catalonia has become one of Europe's leading regions in business and entrepreneurship. Now, with the new revolution that tools such as I for or big data, the same role of the tractor that those first steam engines played is played by startups. In 2023, the number of companies of this type exceeded 2,100.

2,102 companies and more than 20,000 workers

According to the study analyzing the Catalan startup ecosystem in 2023 and prepared by the state's business department, there were 2,102 startups in Catalonia on December 31 last year. They explain from the department that he is “the highest-ranking figure in the historical series that begins in 2016.” In addition, for the first time, a group is displayed. Start-ups The number of employees present in Catalonia has exceeded 20,000 (20,665 to be exact) and 2,000 million euros in turnover, reaching 2,112 million euros.

Agreement with Flanders

This positive context for entrepreneurship and innovation supports agreements such as the one signed by the Ministry of Business and Labor with the Flanders Investment and Trade Agency (FIT) in order to strengthen the ecosystems of entrepreneurship and startups in Catalonia and Flanders. The agreement was signed on 15 February by the Minister of Business and Competitiveness and the CEO of ACCIÓ, Albert Castellanos y Madewell, and Chief Operating Officer of Flanders Investment and Trading, Piet DeMonter. The aim of this initiative is to strengthen the relationship between Catalonia's startup ecosystems and Flandersdemonstrating the willingness of the two agencies to cooperate in exchanging information relevant to their efforts

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