This is the right price after lowering production charges

This is the right price after lowering production charges

A little breath of fresh air for Italian motorists after decree Launched by the government that imposes sanctions on cut production fee On fuel 25 cents for 30 days.

The measure entered into force today, March 22, the day after the decree was published in Official Gazette. Thus, the discount at the pump is instant and will be 25 cents on the price of gasoline and diesel, to which VAT must then be added.

Thus, the cost of fuel will be 30.5 cents lower. On the other hand, production fees for LPG are reduced by 8.5 cents, as envisaged in the ministerial decision.

A cut that will make it possible to drop below the threshold of 2 euros per liter but still sets a high cost considering last year’s price.

So in light of that cut, here’s what it is The correct cost of gasoline At present according to estimates codacon.

How much should petrol and diesel fuel cost after tax cut

The Consumers Association looked at the average cost of fuel over the past week. The text of the column was: €2137 per liter of petrol and €2124 per liter of diesel.

Therefore, based on this price and the excise deduction of 25 cents plus VAT up to a total deduction of 30.5 cents, the current maximum cost of fuel in Italy should be as follows:

  • 1.78 euros per liter of gasoline;
  • 1.77 euros per liter for diesel.

The discount results in savings compared to the current petrol and diesel prices of around €15.2 on a 50 liter tank.

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As long as the excise tax deduction on gasoline is in effect

The measure is temporary. The decree is valid for 30 days, which means that the reduction will remain in effect until April 20. we will see. In the meantime, the government will monitor the situation and, if the price of gasoline continues to rise, may intervene again at the end of April.

However, if the measure has been graciously welcomed by motorists and transport operators, it has instead been criticized by companies distributing and storing fuel: Assopetroli and Assoenergia.

The two companies highlighted how the already stored fuel with old excise duties will sell with the discount, and will therefore suffer a significant currency devaluation with severe damage to the distribution sector. The sector that, if not compensated, has already threatened the mobilization operations.

On the other hand we find codacon Which threatens sweeping checks and complaints to various prosecutors of all distributors who do not comply with the provisions of the decree by faithfully executing the discount.

Other actions mentioned in the decree

in the so-called Decree against price increases In addition to the excise tax deduction, the government has introduced other measures. It is expected that all families with an easy price of up to 12,000 euros will be able to benefit from one Discount on electricity and gas bills.

The possibility of paying bills in installments has also been extended to companies. So depreciation bills in May and June can be paid in installments, up to a maximum of 24 monthly instalments.

Then also submit a file Gasoline bonus from 200 euros. These are petrol vouchers worth up to €200 tax-free for 2022, sold free of charge by private companies to employees.

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It is obviously not a discount offered by the government, but it should always be the company that gives them to its employees as a form of Corporate welfare.

This measure is not aimed at public employees or those with a VAT number, but only employees in the private sector.

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