Is Michelle Hunziker pregnant? Passed pregnancy test

Is Michelle Hunziker pregnant?  Passed pregnancy test

Michelle Hunziker was caught buying a pregnancy test, but she wasn’t alone. Is the host waiting for the baby?

Michelle Hunziker was a photographer at the drugstore while buying a pregnancy testIt didn’t take long for the news to spread on the web. Fans are wondering if the hostess is pregnant again, which shocked her followers and gossip fans.

He recently formalized the relationship with Giovanni AngioliniThe orthopedic surgeon is originally from Sardinia. The two seem very much in love, and Michelle Hunziker would also have introduced him to her daughter. The showgirl seems to be satisfied with her new guy and the relationship seems to be going well.

After the end of love with TrussardiHunziker didn’t like “official”. Fans have been hoping for a rapprochement with Eros Ramazotti, the woman’s historical companion, but there is only tremendous affection between them. This was confirmed by two people: Eros Ramazzotti wanted Michelle Hunziker and their daughter Aurora in the last videojust to show that the family has remained united and interconnected through mutual respect.

also Aurora He is no exception, and recently he fills the pages of rumors about his interventions on social networks. The girl accused the Internet that she considered her to have never been successful if she did not have two significant names on the show behind her, and sharply criticized her critics.

Michael Hunziker

Michelle Hunziker was recently pinched at the drugstore with something that shocked the web: the presenter was constipated pregnancy test What’s more, she wasn’t alone in buying it. Is the showgirl pregnant with her new partner?

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Michelle Hunziker and pregnancy test

Hypotheses are lost in these hours on the “Michel Hunziker Pregnancy Test Mystery”. Fans of the host were shocked by the possibility of having a new baby, but the showgirl was not alone in her “mission” and The puzzle may be simpler than it sounds, but no less shocking.

Michelle was actually with her daughter AuroraTherefore, an alleged pregnancy is more likely for a girl. The news that is still a bomb, as no one expected such a possibility. On the other hand, Aurora has been working for several years with Goffredo Serza And there would be no mistake if the two wanted a child.

Michael Hunziker

Mother or daughter? This is the dilemma. While the web has gone crazy, the two have yet to comment on the news.

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