If you have used gold at home, you are rich: this is what it is worth today

If you have used gold at home, you are rich: this is what it is worth today

This is a historical period if you have used gold at home you are rich: the value of this asset has increased a lot in recent times. Looking at the charts with the historical value of gold, in fact, it is possible to realize that the appreciation of the origin of this safe haven has been very consistent and strong in the medium to long term. Will the trend stay the same?

It is likely that the trend will remain stable in the near future, but today your gold can be considered a small fortune ahead of you that you can ask yourself what to do. If you decide to sell it today, in fact, you’ll earn nearly twice as much in a few years. In this small study, we explain the reasons for this growth in the value of gold and what to do if you want to sell it.

Gold appreciation: what’s going on?

The socio-economic situation is particularly favorable for the cost growth of safe haven assets. Uncertainties arising from the Russian-Ukrainian conflict and other international tensions, the possible difficulty in the supply of raw materials and in terms of energy sources in the near future, prompted large investors to turn to gold, and thus increase the demand and cost of the precious metal.

This is a long spell that can also reach the small saver who has gold in the house, which today is definitely worth something more than it was in the recent past. But the “rush” of the value of gold in recent months stopped at around 55 euros / gram, when it also exceeded 60 euros / gram last March.

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How much gold is used today

The current value of 24 karat gold is 55.58 euros per gram. This is a slightly higher valuation compared to last week, when gold returned to its value of about 53 euros, but it is lower than in recent months, when it also exceeded 57 euros / gram. The gold valuation picture is completed with the following values: 18 karat gold is €41.62/gram, 14 karat gold is €32.44/gram, and 9 karat is currently traveling at €18.42/gram. Compared to the past few days, the price seems stable and stable.

What do you do to sell used gold?

The best option for selling used gold remains to turn to a “gold buyer”. In any case, being up to date on a daily basis, also through our site, on the value of used gold can help you understand the value of the things you are about to sell yourself. Remember to take into account the carat weight of your objects (jewelry is usually 18 karat, ed) and do a weight – even if it’s not exact – on a local scale to get a rough idea of ​​how much you should be collecting.

The suggestion to “buy gold” should not differ much from the amount given by the value of gold for grams of your thing, except for the understandable percentage of the profit. It is preferable to contact “Compro Oro” registered with OAM, the mandatory national registry that brings together the most reliable buyers in the market.

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