Iran | The future president does not want to have “fun talks” about nuclear power

(Tehran) Three days after being elected president of Iran, radical conservative Ibrahim Razi announced on Monday that he would not allow “fun talks” on the nuclear issue and refused to do so. ‘Meeting with US President Joe Biden.

Amir Hawasi
France Media Agency

The Supreme Guide goes beyond being close to Ali Khamenei. During his first press conference since the victory, Rizi reaffirmed that “no obstacles” to the resumption of diplomatic relations – which have been broken since 2016 – between Saudi Arabia’s Sunni kingdom and Shiite rival, the Islamic Republic’s rival.

He added that he would always “defend human rights”, while accusing the United States and several Western NGOs of being responsible for his long torture and brief executions.

The Chairman of the Judicial Commission, Mr. Ricci, who is due to take office in August, received nearly 62% of the vote on a ballot marked by a record turnout for the presidential election.

At his press conference, however, he praised the “massive” and “significant” presence of the Iranian people at the polls, despite the “psychological war waged by Iran’s enemies.”


In Iran, where power is in the hands of Ayatollah Khamenei, the final decision-maker on many issues, such as nuclear power, the president has limited privileges.

As negotiations continue in Vienna to save the international Iranian nuclear deal, which ended in 2015 in the Austrian capital, Mr. Razi confirmed that Iran would not allow “negotiations for negotiations”.

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“Any talks that guarantee Iran’s national interests will certainly be supported,” he added, but “any meeting must yield results.” […] For the Iranian nation, “he said.

In April, Mr. He reiterates the line laid down by Khamenei, according to which these talks should not “pull”, which, according to the guide, will not fail to “harm” the country.

The Vienna Agreement is in line with the West and the UN’s commitment to Iran’s commitment to never buy nuclear weapons. Provides reduction of sanctions, and drastic reduction in its nuclear program, placed under strict control.

But the deal was torpedoed by 2018’s decision to step down from former US President Donald Trump and re-establish US sanctions that had been lifted.

Negotiations in Vienna are aimed at returning the US to the agreement.

The solution is to ease US sanctions in exchange for Tehran’s return to use the agreement harshly, in response to sanctions against most of the protections for the controversial nuclear activities agreed to in the Iran deal.

The outgoing president, reformist Hassan Rohani, chose an open character toward the West by supporting the 2015 agreement.

But Mr. Mr. R. C. to an American media question. Asked if he would like to meet with Pita, he replied “no”, adding that negotiations in Vienna have been between the two countries for more than 40 years to ease sanctions and “resolve” issues.

A new round of talks ended in a positive note in Vienna on Sunday, and Mr. Reaching a compromise is an opportunity to restart the contract before RC takes office.

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Mr. Rohani promised the people that US sanctions would be lifted before he left office.

Reunite with Riyadh?

During his press conference, the President-elect also spoke about relations with Saudi Arabia.

After a series of meetings between these two countries on the Gulf border over the past several decades, Mr. “There are no obstacles on the part of Iran in reopening the embassies,” he said.

In the human rights record, he referred to Westerners as their own “violations” in this field.

When asked about the executions of thousands of enemies in 1988 and in 2018 and 2020, Mr. Razi denied that he played any role in the accusation in the West, but paid “tribute” to the “order” issued by Ayatollah Khomeini, the founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran to carry out this purge.

As a result of the US embargo, Mr.

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