The United States begins testing the flying car, the first delivery is expected in 2025

The United States begins testing the flying car, the first delivery is expected in 2025

The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has granted startup Aleph Cars a certificate of “airworthiness”, and the startup can start the first tests on its flying car prototype.

Alef Automotive | FAA approved flying machine

A. Automotive It is a startup company in California model a, a prototype flying car capable of moving across the city sky, driving between buildings and a park. Model A is no longer just one Good suggestion for some proportionate videos But on July 4, she received approval to start testing from Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) from the United States. Permission in this case belongs to a special category: authorization airworthiness.

Model A plans are complicated right now. that it A fully electric carwith independence 321 km by road And 177 km in flight. Not much actually. In terms of electric vehicles, the latest models on the market guarantee higher starting performance. Tesla Model 3 already guarantees aRange up to about 437 km. However, Alef Motors is already looking forward. Its goal is to present the first fully functional model in 2025 and sell it 300 thousand euros.

How does Form A work? the cars

It’s not the first time a file has been used Certificate of airworthiness. Alf claims his primacy because he shows that he holds the first model that looks like a normal car, that can move like a normal car, and above all that can stand like a normal car. In fact, looking at the first renders released on the company’s channels, the Model A prototype looks like a car that came straight out of the new episodes of Futurama.

Alef Automotive |  Flying machine design

Alef Automotive | Flying machine design

Driver and passenger fit together in one unit aspherical. In motion, the entire car changes its position, the spherical unit remains stationary, and the coils placed under the car lift it up as if vertically. In front of me too far into the future? maybe. In the meantime, it is already possible on the Alef Motors website to separate the ticket to become One of the winning buyers of this car. To stand in line, you have to pay on the spot 150 bucks.

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