Year 2 announced with trailers, lots of extra content on the way –

Year 2 announced with trailers, lots of extra content on the way –

Hitman 3 Continue its journey with the arrival of the next fromyear 2, a full second year of Additional content Which will be distributed over the next few months, heightening the suspicion of the tactical IO Interactive movement.

Year 2 of Hitman 3 will start January 20 2022, with a very interesting roadmap of new content including new maps, new story elements, additional modes, various options and novelties to enrich the possibilities of the game.

Hitman 3: Year 2, first picture

Among the technical updates, ray tracing is expected, at least for the PC version: IO Interactive reports that it has teamed up with Intel for a series of improvements to Hitman 3 that include ray tracingSupport for CPUs with more than 8 cores and variable rate shaders.

Also for the PC version, support for virtual reality headsets is expected: the feature was previously exclusive to PlayStation VR but will be expanded to headsets. VR for every PC Starting in January 2022, with more info on the way.

Another novelty is that elusive target, or a new deviation from the popular Hitman mode that will be a permanent addition to the game, but more will be known only in January. More information and other content will then be revealed in Spring 2022, so we look forward to learning more about the evolution of Hitman 3.

Based on data published in October, Hitman 3 leads IO Interactive’s revenue, scoring +135% and remembering that the cloud version on the Nintendo Switch now supports 60fps.

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