Introducing the new BMW R 1300 GS [GALLERY] – News

Introducing the new BMW R 1300 GS [GALLERY] – News

FifthLet’s see what has changed in the new BMW R 1300 GS 2024 and others… What emerges from New images of the novelty expected for 2023 It is first and foremost a motorcycle with innovative design, a break with the past, and very streamlined lines.

From the front, in addition to the small size of the “beak”, what is striking is An X-shaped light signature, completely new not only at BMWwhich replaces the asymmetrical double headlight, one of the trademarks of the version currently on the market, but also Width of front space Due to the wide shape of the side panels which also include the spotlights which should ensure a high level of aerodynamic protection for the pilot’s lower body.

Returns side view a Very slim lookIt is dominated by a smooth line between the superstructures housing the tank and those at the base and sides of the dome, which is More than a bare eyelid covering the dashboardin partial contrast to the touring career that has always characterized the best sales from the Munich manufacturer.

These are the photos that “escaped” from BMW, showing off the new R1300GS. You We remind you that official images and videos will only be released starting September 28th. When will the GS be presented to the international press in Berlin? will also be there and Andrea Perfetti will describe to you in the preview what is not yet known, namely all the technical content of the GS, It is destined to represent a turning point in the evolution of the German Maxi Enduro.

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But let’s get back to the bike: in the name of compactness it is too A rear frame supports the seat division between the driver and passenger Which appears to be smaller than the model it replaces. The design of the side bags and the top box is also new and different: A less square, more modern cut

The 1300cc engine is completely new and should have higher torque values, just as the chassis architecture remains largely unchanged, but with a new Paralever. Both have been revised in quotas.

Nothing is known yet about the details of the electronic part that should be updated with entry Front and rear radar With a different operating logic than its counterparts already found in models from other manufacturers.

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