Because scientists insist that we should not attach magnets to the refrigerator

Because scientists insist that we should not attach magnets to the refrigerator

Pay attention to this very common habit: that’s why, according to scientists, we should never attach magnets to the refrigerator.

This is a very common habit, but not always recommended. In fact, those who return from a trip never came with them Nice magnet To give as gifts to friends, relatives or To be connected directly to the home refrigerator? These beautiful souvenirs are usually attached directly to our favorite devices, so that they are always on display before our eyes.

Why you shouldn’t put magnets on your refrigerator?

But are we really sure that this seemingly simple and harmless gesture isn’t actually hiding a potential danger? According to scientistsIn fact, there would be a good reason for that You should never stick magnets to your refrigerator door. Do you already know what we’re talking about? When you find out, you won’t be able to believe it. Pay attention to what we are going to tell you and you will not be able to make mistakes again!

Why we should not attach magnets to the refrigerator: scientists explain

As we mentioned previously, Stick the magnet on the refrigerator doorAccording to scientists, It will be considered a very bad habit. Or at least in some cases. So let’s try to dig deeper into the topic and understand when it is actually appropriate to avoid making this seemingly harmless gesture.

Why not hang refrigerator magnets
Do not stick magnets on the refrigerator: scientists’

In practice, according to expert opinion, install magnets on the refrigerator It will be “dangerous” for those who own a new generation device– Equipped with a touch panel to regulate the internal temperature.

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In these cases, the magnet, due to the magnetic fields generated, can damage the electronic components of the refrigerator in the long term. However, these undesirable effects only relate to the external door and, therefore, to the temperature monitor, and not to the internal parts.

On the contrary, those who own older refrigerator models can rest assured, but above all they can continue to display their beautiful magnets on the device. Instead, to avoid any risk, We recommend attaching magnets to special metal plates or other similar objects.

Metallic paint has also gained popularity recently, and is readily available in craft stores or online, with which the wall can be painted and thus made able to attract magnets. amazing! Anyway, it’s great if you have a touchscreen refrigerator Don’t give in to the temptation to stick magnets on itbut choose one of the workarounds just suggested.

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