Ukraine and Biden promise Zelensky ATAM missiles

Ukraine and Biden promise Zelensky ATAM missiles

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New York –
president Joe Biden L said ZelenskyUS Secretary of State John Kerry confirmed, during his visit to the White House the day before yesterday, that the United States will provide Kiev with a reduced number of long-range ATACMS missiles, as he revealed yesterday. NBC News. Minister of State Anthony BlinkenThe spokesman did not confirm this news to reporters in New York, but stressed that sending military aid is “constantly under discussion” and that decisions also depend on training and coordination with weapons sent by the allies. The first missiles will arrive in the next few weeks More supplies could arrive later, according to the source Wall Street Journal.

Ukraine has requested the army’s tactical missile systems for months AtakmsWhich allows you to strike a distance of up to 300 kilometers and thus attack enemy supply lines, railways and command and control centers outside the front line. Its importance has also increased because Kiev’s stock of British and French long-range missiles is dwindling. Sending Atakum missiles could also encourage Germany, which has indicated, as is already the case with tanks, that it prefers to work in coordination with Washington, to send its own long-range missiles. Taurus.

The supply of Atacms was under scrutiny by the heads of various security agencies. These doubts are due to two main reasons: First, the fact that Pentagon It does not have a large stock of them, and it was afraid of running out of useful missiles on other fronts from Asia to the Middle East. Second, some in Washington are concerned about the possibility of long-range missile (and drone) attacks. Leads to escalation of war With Russia. according to Washington PostA variant of the Atakum missiles will be equipped with cluster munitions instead of a single warhead, of which the Pentagon has a larger quantity.

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Given the slowness of the counterattack and the onset of winter, Kiev is striking far beyond the front line: Crimea It has been subjected to repeated attacks, including yesterday’s raid on Headquarters of the Russian Black Sea Fleet. Over the course of the 19-month war, the United States gradually supplied weapons that were initially rejected, such as systems Hemar (which can be used to launch shorter-range missiles, in addition to Atakum missiles) and Abrams tanks or F-16 aircraft (provided by the Allies with US approval). For Atakum missiles, “it will be like the F-16s,” Zelensky told reporters in Congress. After the meeting with Biden, the Ukrainian president referred to “an agreement that would strengthen Ukraine’s defense capabilities.” thanks a lot. More details will be announced soon.”

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