Petrol and diesel scams at distributors are now joining a new scam of bogus fines

Petrol and diesel scams at distributors are now joining a new scam of bogus fines

punish It’s an unpleasant experience, but getting tricked into paying a legitimate fine is even more annoying. The police report cases of falsification of reports violating the traffic law.

these False fines They are placed on the windshields of parked cars where parking is not permitted and have a false IBAN code that differs from the legitimate municipality IBAN code in invoice and type. Here’s what happens:

  • How does the new false fines scam work?
  • Resist petrol and diesel scams

How does the new false fines scam work?

the false statements It is done very meticulously, including full details such as the disputed breach, amount to be paid, payment deadline and IBAN for making the payment. If the money is sent to this IBAN, the fine will not be paid to the reference municipality, but will allow the scammers to do so collect money. This is the new modus operandi of the fake fines scams that are happening in several cities these days.

accordingly, Municipal police call for attention. Unsuspecting victims who were found on the windshields of their cars reported a violation of Section 158 of the Highway Code, for example unauthorized parking on pavements, in spaces designated for public transport, in front of lanes or on bends.

The false report indicated the IBAN code for which the fine should be paid, in the amount of €29.90 within 5 days, after which the fine would rise to €41. Citizens who parked their cars correctly did not receive any fines. This led to protests at the municipal police offices and the subsequent discovery of the scam.

Investigations and investigations are ongoing Report false fines to IBAN code, in order to identify the respective bank. The goal is to take over the checking account and track down its owners. Plainclothes patrol the streets to identify those responsible for this scam.

Resist petrol and diesel scams

Use Incompatible mixtures of gasoline, diesel and water It is a widespread form of fraud in the hydrocarbon distribution sector. And recently, through a series of operations conducted by the competent authorities, an excessive presence of water inside the reservoirs was revealed, which confirms the irregularity of this practice.

Technical investigations on hydrocarbon composition The quantity that was disbursed revealed the existence of irregularities that led to the control of the distribution coefficient concerned. According to industry experts, the use of such non-uniform mixtures can cause a variety of problems in your vehicle’s fuel system, including engine failure.

Preliminary signal can indicate Use an uneven mixture It is the inability to start the engine. Also, abnormal noises while the gears are engaged may be another warning sign. If incompatible mixtures are suspected, experts recommend emptying the vehicle’s tank completely and cleaning it thoroughly. This procedure can help prevent any technical problems with the fuel system and ensure efficient and reliable operation of the vehicle.

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