Ukraine and the United Nations concern about cluster bombs. The United States says yes to the F-16

Ukraine and the United Nations concern about cluster bombs.  The United States says yes to the F-16

Izumi Nakamitsu, who is in charge of disarmament at the United Nations, has expressed her concerns about the improper use of cluster bombs. Drawings and diaries of war children on display in Amsterdam

The United Nations is “extremely concerned” about the increased flow of various weapons into Ukraine, including cluster bombs.


Izumi Nakamitsu, the UN’s disarmament official, expressed fears that many of these weapons could end up in the wrong hands, “in the hands of unauthorized end-users,” as he specified, destabilizing the situation for years to come.

Nakamitsu also emphasized that arms supplies to Ukraine increased because of the Russian war and because “Russia’s military attack on Ukraine violates the UN Charter.”

“The news regarding the transfer and use of cluster munitions is deeply disturbing. The Spokesperson for the Secretary-General has called for this type of munition not to be used and sent permanently into history. <...> Measures to avoid the risk of this happening. Getting these weapons into the hands of unauthorized end users is necessary to prevent further instability and insecurity in Ukraine, the region and beyond.”

F-16s and children at war

At the same time, The United States agrees Additional supplies to Ukraine: Washington has allowed the dispatch of F-16 fighters (American made) from Denmark and the Netherlands. The F-16s have been claimed by Kiev for some time, seeing them as a valuable tool for dealing with Russian air and artillery attacks.

Civilians, victims of Russian attacks, are still dying in Ukraine and children are among the dead too: in Amsterdam, the city where Anne Frank wrote her memoirs, an exhibition has opened to display the memoirs and drawings of Ukrainian children participating in the war.

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among other designs Mykola Kostenkowho survived the 21-day siege of Mariupol as a teenager.

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