Real show.” The United States was hijacked by traffickers on the tracks, the first 20 races starting from April

Ancona – The Ancona-Pergola tourist route has ended among the railway routes not to be missed in 2022 according to the magazine CNN Travel. The historical American television presenter’s travel magazine mentioned the Marche and his historic train on their to-do list tourism On the iron across Europe, identifying the line as «one of the most exciting». And to say that there is a lot of competition: well-known roads in the world are mentioned, such as Barcelona – Madrid, or Vienna – Paris.

But in describing the peculiarities of Ancona-Pergola, the article explains why it should be seen, and not just for the Marche: “From the coast of Ancona and up to the Apennines, the riches of the region are shown. Along a one-track section of the nineteenth century – one of the oldest in Italy – Using old diesel locomotives, he stops at Fabriano (a medieval house of paper) before entering the Cesano Valley, up to Pergola, “another village much appreciated, among other things, of the unicum of international importance: the gilded bronze.

A nice business card for a route that was revitalized in Tourist Key last September after an eight-year hiatus – cut short in 2013 by a landslide – which is preparing to double the races. The Council, on the proposal of the Infrastructure Consultant Francesco Baldelli, approved last Monday a “three-year program for rail transport services for tourist purposes in areas of cultural, natural or historical value, for the year 2022-2024”, which provides for 1, against 1, 85 €1 million guaranteeing 20 flights between April and December this year and 25 flights between February and December from 2023 to 2024.

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“Services will also be scheduled – reads the annex to the decision – taking into account the tourist and cultural events of the neighboring areas affected by the railway. Coordination of initiatives will be strengthened, taking into account cruise activities and other initiatives of tourism value.” The Fabriano-Pergola was supposed to be part of a much larger connection called the Sobabinina Railway that was never built. After the sale, it was pronounced dead, but the three “trial” flights organized between September and October last year sold out completely within a few days, and now the area is aiming for even stronger results.

But Fabriano-Pergola may not be the only lucky one pulled out of the package. On the initiative of the Infrastructure Department, an agreement was signed in December with RFI to deepen the planning aimed at developing an integration of the technical and economic feasibility study for the reactivation of the Fano-Urbino line and its connection with the Fano-Urbino line. Fabriano intersection on the Orte-Falconara road, where it also meets Civitanova-Albacina.

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