Enel X Way will adopt the Tesla NACS connector in the US

Enel X Way will adopt the Tesla NACS connector in the US

Enel X Way follows Ford and GM in the American Connector Challenge and promises to soon adopt Tesla NACS (North American Charging Standard) connector options, as well as CCS (Combined Charging System) and J1772 ports, for Level 2 and Level 3 charging stations. He does so, tacitly acknowledging the superiority of the Tesla system.

With more than 185,000 electric vehicle (EV) charging ports sold to date in the United States and Canada, Enil XY that it First class protagonist Electricity in North America.

The first factor to choose the NACS standard

So today’s announcement is going to cause a stir. However, he stated that “remains fully committed to supporting the electrification of all types of transportation and simplifying the charging experience by providing best-in-class charging products to electric vehicle drivers, businesses and governmentยป.

Enel X Way will offer a NACS connector option for Its flagship product is the JuiceBoxAnd for him DC fast chargers. to customers with Enel X Way DC Fast Chargers are already in serviceThe provision is also envisaged from retrofit kits.

It is difficult to say whether the American breakthrough could happen repercussions in Europewhere the CCS system dominates, with strong support from German automakers.

Musk’s great success is rewarded by the stock market

The truth is, the American financial community has toasted Latest developments in the “war of standards”considering it one Big win for Elon Musk. This could herald the Supercharger charging system’s assertion as the only industry standard across the United States. With Ford and GM, Tesla’s North American Charging Standard (NACS). In fact, it covers 60% of the market electrical. Last Friday, then, the White House said electric vehicle charging stations that use standard Tesla outlets will be, too Eligible for billions of dollars in federal subsidiesprovided that they also include compatibility with the American Standard Charging Connector, CCS.

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Tesla shares traded on the New York Stock Exchange within two months from 154 to 256 dollars, Restore the levels they were ten months ago. The value is not too far from its highs at the end of 2021 ($308). On the other hand, the stocks of rival charging networks such as ChargePoint Holdings, EVgo and Blink Charging were penalized, down about 10%.

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