Chiariello editorial: “After Spalletti’s decisions, Napoli gave up the match”

In the context of “Campania Sport” day Channel 21journalist Umberto Chiariello He commented in his editorial that Napoli equaled Sassuolo:When Devril scored a goal past Sassuolo in the 93rd minute, we saw the witches. A dominant, profitable and earning game thrown to the wind. Fortunately, there is technology nowadays that does not solve everything but good things do. The referee Pizzotto, the Carnegie, was so bad he mistook them all. So much so that there was an obvious mistake by Berardi that he didn’t see, luckily Farr saved him. There was already another very wrong interpretation about the tie, there was a mistake on Rarahmani, a fatal mistake.

We don’t have to be involved in the last 20 minutes with Milan, the second half in Moscow or the first hour of the night, but until today we have seen Napoli worthy of the first place they hold, who dominated the match for an hour. . But Napoli was decimated by injuries, and after Spalletti’s ill-advised decisions, he withdrew from the match. You can’t get an attacker’s heart to score in an area by giving him the opportunity to stop the ball from his chest, put it on the ground and kick first without Coulibaly and Mario Rui. That mistake of not getting attached to the opponent we pay so much and of our own volition the whole game changed there. But it changed first when Spalletti missed, Fabian was injured and there was a logical replacement for Demme. You lost about half an hour and if you take Mertens and immediately after Lozano you will have thoroughly checked Naples and lowered it. What is the team with Politano, Elmas and Petajna, how can it affect and hurt the opponent? How can you think without dribbling more than keeping the ball with Betania and keeping 2-0. You have to think about hurting your opponent, you have Mertens in a moment of absolute bliss, you have Lozano who is silver fast. She gave up all the arrows and didn’t let Onas in, Criacopoulos ran over Politano on that flank.

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Napoli go into the Scudetto tonight and they have shown themselves to be a great team, but to be well prepared you have to be logical. You have to take some of the victories that you deserve. A new element of anxiety has been added tonight: Spalletti is doing an extraordinary job but is fighting for something he has never won. He was the first to be afraid of flying tonight. It’s a hiccup but the most worrying thing is that Atalanta is there on Saturday and Napoli lost three key pieces: Insigne, Fabian and Koulibaly. We’ll see if any of these three recover, but this tie weighs heavily on the Azure’s mind like a rock. In fact, you can also breathe for a tight escape, because if the match had lasted another 10 minutes, Napoli would surely have lost because he was knocked out. Spalletti in Naples there is a saying: ‘He who does not have courage, nun se cocca ch’ ‘e femmene belle, and tonight I think you have become empty“.

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