June 5, 2023

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ChatGPT also lands on smartphones and challenges Google: «With us, accurate information without ads or multiple results»

ChatGPT, the artificial intelligence platform created by OpenAI, is also landing on smartphones. For now, however, only for US users. From Apple, to be exact. As of today, May 18th, ChatGPT is actually available in the US App Store. The same company announced it with an extension Official note. Like a website, relational AI chat allows you to receive instant answers by getting accurate information without sifting through ads or multiple results. But also personalized advice on recipes, travel, and composing messages. The app is also useful for technical assistance on specific topics or for learning new things. Remember not to take everything the app claims at face value. The information is updated to 2021 and everything asked about the events of the past two years is not on the server and can give misleading information.

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For now, ChatGPT is only available on Apple devices. But the company knows that it will soon be available for those with Android. In the announcement note, it is also confirmed that the app will not have ads, so take a look at Google, which starts to work competitor. Not only that: in the note, the company notes that thanks to the app it will now be possible to “obtain accurate information without sifting through ads or multiple results”. The news is part of a somewhat controversial context related to the system, above all after the European Union concerns that have surfaced in recent months and the suspension of the service (later reinstated) in Italy by the privacy guarantor.

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