Looking for a midfielder: Onyedika in the starting position

Looking for a midfielder: Onyedika in the starting position


We have just entered the last two weeks of this summer market session. Milan have a well-defined skeleton but there is a feeling that the Rossoneri can still support the team in at least one or two of these areas: MidlineAnd the defense And the right outside. According to the latest rumors, the leadership of the Italian champions will focus on strengthening in the central area of ​​the stadium.

who’s home

according to what edition TuttosportHowever, it seems likely that recent investments in the Rossoneri market could be made on the midfielder, a role that appears to be the most open so far after Casey’s departure. For now, Pioli can count on the pair of Tonale Benaser and on two reserves such as Krunic and Bubiga, while Bakayoko looks on the sidelines of the project. It should not be taken out of the equation Yassin Adly That was used by the Rossoneri coach, however, later in the preparatory season. So, aside from injuries, it is for Pioli there but certainly stepping back into the market to bring back a defensive midfielder who could replace the Ivorian today at Barcelona is not a bad idea.

first place

The most qualified name and the name that the Rossoneri administration seems to want to give precedence is the name Rafael OnedicaHe is a Nigerian midfielder, born in 2001 in Midtigland. The Danes currently estimate it at €7 million, a figure that is still considered high. In general, Onyedika seems to be the profile with the best quality and price. Then there are other profiles that are less supported but still released in the last few days. There is that from Adrien Tamizi From Verona: He knows Italian football but is seven years older than his colleague: Hellas asked for no less than 10 million. The last name given in chronological order is the Norwegian name Sander BergSheffield United midfielder. There are currently no major confirmations and the player must quickly adapt to the exact opposite type of football.

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