The agreement with Argentine Paredes awaits the Bianconeri

The agreement with Argentine Paredes awaits the Bianconeri

Arthur, banned Rabiot, needs the PSG midfielder’s exit. Depay – Barcelona, ​​2 million missing, but Pjanic appears in the negotiations

Pjanic may also be part of the Depay process. The Bosnian, who was traded in June 2020 with Brazilian Arthur, returned to Barcelona after loaning Turks to Besiktas and confirmed by Xavi as a luxury reserve. Juventus will still have 5 million bonuses for the Blaugrana and one hypothesis will be to give away part of that money to dissolve the bond between Depay and Barcelona.

JUVE-PARises Agreement
After Rabiot’s Manchester United sale faded, Paredes was also banned. But the Argentine and the Bianconeri have signed some kind of agreement: Juventus will try to sell Arthur to make room for former Roma and Empoli and the midfielder has promised to wait – not indefinitely, of course – because he considers Juve the best. Proposal received so far. In all of this, Di Maria’s presence in the team plays a big role: Paredes wants to embrace El Fideo again.

Depay and Barcelona, ​​divorce 2 million
From Spain, they are convinced that Depay and Barcelona will eventually say goodbye. But at the moment, there are still two million debts outstanding between the Dutch and Blaugrana before getting the green light to terminate the contract that will allow Juventus to sign him on a free transfer. From Turin, confidence and optimism remain intact even if it is now clear that it is difficult for the striker to land in time for Monday’s match against Sampdoria. Contract talk continues: a two-year off-the-shelf agreement with an option for a third worth 5.5 million net plus bonuses as reported by Tuttosport.

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Kokolo Grits Juve: He will play in Cesena
Juventus confirmed, through its official channels, the final sale of Luca Cocolo to Cesena. The under-23 defender will return from Serie C.

Take the talent of MANCINI under 23
Juventus concluded with Vicenza instead of Tommaso Mancini. The 18-year-old striker will arrive for €2.5m including bonuses and join the Under-23 squad (or Primavera). And on the young Italian talent, there were also Milan, Roma and Borussia Dortmund with the Rossoneri who saw the negotiations jump at the last minute due to the requests of the player’s father.

United Rabbit, Skip the Negotiation
Negotiations over Adrien Rabiot’s transfer to Manchester United appear to have failed once and for all. Requests made to the Red Devils by the entourage of the French midfielder, who is therefore destined to remain in Turin, possibly blocking the arrival of Leandro Paredes in black and white. United will now focus on Casemiro.

Rabiot: ‘Ready to go back to the office’
A day off before returning to the office.” So Adrien Rabiot on his social pages. No transfer to Manchester United for the Frenchman, who has not accepted a four-year contract with a net salary of 8 million.

From England: McKinney is mentioned in the place of the rabbot, God does not send
Juventus offered McKinney to Manchester United after difficulties in reaching Rabiot. This was reported by the English tabloid “The Telegraph”. “No” would have come from the Red Devils.

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