“Fabrizio Corona sued”: emerges from betting scandal | The prosecutor’s office confirms everything

“Fabrizio Corona sued”: emerges from betting scandal |  The prosecutor’s office confirms everything

In the end, the player decided to report Corona, rejecting all accusations against him.

The seven-month ban imposed on Juventus midfielder Nicolo Fagioli has officially brought an end to the first chapter of the investigation into the world of online betting. Which has shocked the Italian football world in recent weeks.

It all started with Fagioli. In fact, it may have been the player, after receiving the investigation notice informing him of the investigations against him by the Turin Public Prosecutor’s Office, who informed himself. And start active cooperation with the authorities Which allowed him to significantly reduce the exclusion period.

Now it will be Tonali’s turn. who actually admitted to having a gambling problem, He also decided to cooperate with the authorities. Moreover, no one could have imagined that the new scandal that struck the world of football in our country, Fabrizio Corona could have been the deus ex machina.

It all started in early August, when the King of the Paparazzi revealed to his fans that he was certain that Fagioli was suffering from a gambling addiction, and that she was suffering from a gambling addiction. This decade has heavy gambling debts.

All the names raised by Corona in the betting scandal

No one believed him at that moment, but when the investigation became official against the Juventus player, Everyone understood that Corona had access to a truly reliable source.

Fagioli, as we have seen in recent weeks, is not the only name raised by Corona, who also talked about Tonali, Zanioli, Zaoleski and also Casali. It was the latter who decided to sue Fabrizio Corona.

Casale (ANSA) – CalcioinPillole.com

Excitingly, the Lazio defender decided to report Corona

In fact, the Lazio defender, through his lawyer, issued a statement rejecting this Crucially all the accusations against him.

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The memo stated below: “Niccolò Casali filed a complaint against Mr. Corona and the publishers who gave voice to the slander of a multiple criminal, already convicted of extortion against football players. Niccolò has never bet on a sporting event The farce he is subjected to is unacceptable Based on the word of a full-blown criminal, willing to do anything to get media exposure. “We will prosecute those responsible everywhere until the truth comes out.”

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