Aloy has nipples, this discovery excites fans –

Aloy has nipples, this discovery excites fans –

The discovery by YouTuber Axel Sparda (the video we’re posting by YouTuber Kikibolbe because the former was blocked by Sony) is causing an uproar. Forbidden horizon west: aloyI am the protagonist nipples Similar, even very well, to be honest. Of course they can’t be seen while playing, but only using portrait mode and zooming in on the character’s bust, to the point that some tissues disappear.

This discovery impressed fans so much, who wondered why gang war games Resources for modeling the details no one is supposed to see. The news must have also surprised Sony, which blocked the video due to copyright infringement, when in fact it is possible that the goal was simply an attempt to hide the discovery and censorship, also because of the Horizon video. There are thousands of Forbidden West on YouTube right now, and it wouldn’t make sense to claim copyright for just that game, which shows very little (relatively) from the game itself.

Many fear that Guerrilla may soon release a game patch to remove the nipples of convicts. But why include them? Whoever made the Aloy model probably wanted to sculpt it completely. After all, it’s one of the most detailed ever, so it makes sense, as a labor of love, to make it anatomically flawless.

For the rest, we remind you that Horizon Forbidden West is available for PS4 and PS5. If you want more details, read our review.

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