Empoli-Bologna 3-1: Final result and highlights

Empoli-Bologna 3-1: Final result and highlights
  • Thank you for watching Empoli-Bologna 3-1 live and see you for the next matches with Serie A. 10:52 PM

  • In the next round, Empoli awaits a home match against Salernitana, while Bologna expects an away match against Sassuolo. 10:51 PM

  • After Lukomi’s own goal and Akpa Akpro’s goal in the first half, Campiaghi’s goal also arrived in the second half in the 68th minute, as a prelude to Empoli’s success. However, Bologna did not stop trying, especially with Orsolini, who tried in every way to score his tenth goal in the league and found it from the penalty spot in the 88th minute. Other opportunities for Thiago Motta’s team came with Ferguson and Dominguez, as well as with the unyielding Orsolini, but the return did not work. . With these three points, Empoli rises to 35 and is clear of the relegation zone, now 8 points away. On the other hand, Bologna remained in ninth place with 45 points. 10:50 p.m

  • An own goal, two goals disallowed, a penalty and four goals scored in total: Empoli Bologna was a lively match full of episodes and ended in success for the Zanetti side who had been winless at home for a month (1-0). against Lecce on 3 April).10:50 p.m

  • 90′ + 6′

    Game over! Empoli beat Bologna 3-1 at Stadio Castellani thanks to a Lokomo own goal and goals from Akpa Akpro and Cambiaghi.10:43 p.m

  • 90′ + 6′

    Bologna closed in front and until the very end tried to score another goal with Orsolini trying this time with his left foot but he shot wide of the net.10:42 p.m

  • 90′ + 5′

    opportunity for Bologna. Inattentive to Empoli’s defense, Bosch believed in it until the last minute and returned the ball in the middle of the area from behind, but Zirkzi did not arrive in time for the last click.10:41 p.m

  • 90′ + 2′

    A new opportunity for Empoli: a free kick from 25 meters, beat Henderson, the ball is just over the bar.10:38 p.m

  • 90 ‘

    Give yourself 5 minutes to recover.10:37 p.m

  • 88 ‘

    Another double substitute for Empoli: Cambiaghi leaving and Caputo, Pjaca and Destro entering.10:37 p.m

  • 88 ‘

    Goal! Empoli 3-1 Bologna! Orsolini’s goal from eleven metres. Displace Vicario with a powerful volley and a cross: the Rossoble striker reaches 10 goals in the league.10:35 p.m

  • 88 ‘

    Decision taken: the referee awards a penalty kick to Bologna. Bandinelli’s foul (thrust) on Locumo is punished in the area.10:34 p.m

  • 87 ‘

    Yellow for Bandinelli, the owner of the foul on Locumo, which led to a penalty kick for Bologna.10:35 p.m

  • 87 ‘

    The video assistant referee called the referee to the observer on the sidelines: the match manager assesses a possible penalty kick for Bologna for an irregular push on Lokomo in the area.10:33 p.m

  • 86 ‘

    Orsolini again, the most dangerous in Bologna. From a free kick for Bologna, the pitch reaches the far corner where the striker hits the first ball but he measures the ball poorly and the ball cuts into the penalty area and then is lost from behind.10:32 p.m

  • 78 ‘

    Double substitution also for Empoli: Marin and Akpa Akpro leave, Bandinelli and Stojanovic enter.10:25 p.m

  • 77 ‘
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    Two more changes for Thiago Motta: Ibischer and Cambiasso, and Pethia and Likogiannis in.10:27 p.m

  • 77 ‘

    Bologna continues to push. First Ferguson tries, then it’s Dominguez’s turn, again from distance, but the shot is not in the goal mirror and goes out the back.10:24 p.m

  • 74 ‘

    Zirkzee engages Vicario with a shot from outside the area but the match resumes from Empoli’s goalkeeper who resumes a free kick: the rossoblù is stopped due to Cambiaso sneaking a pass back to his partner.10:23 p.m

  • 69 ‘

    Marin’s second assist of the match, after the free kick assisted Akpa Akpro’s goal at the end of the first half.10:18 p.m

  • 68 ‘

    Goal! Empoli – Bologna 3-0! GambiaGi Network. Fifth goal of the season for the player who becomes the blue team’s top scorer.

    Look at Nicolò Cambiaghi’s player profile10:17 p.m

  • 66 ‘

    Quick book for Henderson as soon as he enters the field: a foul is penalized on Dominguez.10:15 p.m

  • 65 ‘

    The change at Empoli: Baldanzi leaves the field, Henderson enters his place.10:13 p.m

  • 65 ‘

    opportunity for Bologna. Orsolini is the hero again: he kicks with his powerful right foot from inside the area but finds the answer from Vicario.10:14 p.m

  • 62 ‘

    Orsolini tries from a free kick: the rossobl striker goes straight for the goal even if he shoots from long range and from a position slightly off target. The ball is high over the crossbar. 10:08 p.m

  • 54 ‘

    Double change for Bologna: Barrow and Moro leave, Zirkzi and Ferguson enter in their place.10:02 p.m

  • 53 ‘

    Bologna return to the attacking projection: a cross from Barrow finds Orsolini, but the striker before sends it high over the bar.10:02 p.m

  • 51 ‘

    Changing the front, now Empoli are the ones attacking. Baresi manages to pass the cross from the left towards the opponent’s area, and the ball reaches Akpa Akpro, who tries to score a wonderful overhead kick, but he calibrates poorly and the ball is lost on the side of the post to the right of Skorobski.21:58

  • 49 ‘

    Bologna took the lead at this start of the second half: a corner kick by the Rossopolis, Schouten headed over the ball but hit the net from the outside.21:56

  • 46 ‘

    The second half begins! It starts again from 2-0 to Empoli.21:53

  • A match full of episodes in which Bologna tried to build his attacking movements with order and patience, while Empoli preferred to exploit long balls by exploiting the vertical speed of the strikers and set-pieces. Overall, the first half was balanced but the tournament had three episodes between own goals and goals disallowed. Empoli are now called upon to defend this double advantage while Bologna will have to find the right solutions to come back.21:43

  • Empoli Bologna’s first half began immediately with the episode that surprised the guests: Lokomo’s own goal after less than a minute of play. Bologna quickly tried to strike back, building play and chances even from set-pieces. In the 16th minute, Thiago Motta’s side found the goal with a powerful shot from distance by Moro, but Lokomo’s one-arm deflection led the referee to disallow the goal. And it would only be Bologna’s first goal disallowed in the first half because in the 28th minute, after another VAR check, the referee didn’t even validate Orsolini’s goal because of another handball (this time from the same striker at the time). to receive the ball). Not only that, in the 38th minute he also forced Motta to make the first substitution: Somoro was out with an injury and Bonifazi in. But Bologna suffered the repercussions of the double goal, which was ruled out, and at the beginning of the recovery, they won the victory, 2-0, with the signing of Akpa Akpro. Marín was decisive with a free kick and Empoli finished the first 45 minutes of the match with a two-goal lead.21:41

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  • 45′ + 6′

    Here ends the first half of the game. The teams are resting 2-0.21:36

  • 45′ + 5′

    Another chance for Empoli, again from a set-piece: this time it’s Loberto who tries the winning header but the ball ends up high over the bar.21:36

  • 45′ + 1′

    Marín was decisive, again when he set foot in the left lane, who neatly placed the ball into the area and found his partner.21:35

  • 45′ + 1′

    Goal! Empoli – Bologna 2-0! Akba Akbaru goal. It all started with a free kick taken by Marin, who volleyed Akpa Akpro’s shot from the short side of the penalty area, surprising Skorobski and doubling the home side’s lead. 21:34

  • 45 ‘

    Give yourself 5 minutes to recover.21:31

  • 45 ‘

    Empoli reappeared in the opposition half: another free kick from the left for Zanetti.21:31

  • 38 ‘

    Somoro is unable to continue the race, Muta is forced to change: Bonifazi enters his place.21:24

  • 38 ‘

    The match was stopped: Somoro went down due to injury, the Bologna medical staff intervened.21:24

  • 36 ‘

    The longest teams in the field. Bologna is less organized than before, and Empoli continues to try with long balls to look for attackers.21:23

  • 30 ‘

    Two goals not allowed to guests in less than half an hour. Orsolini had scored his tenth goal of the season, receiving the ball from Barrow and hitting Vicario from about twenty metres. It will all be rebuilt again so Thiago Motta’s side is always 1-0 down.21:17

  • 28 ‘

    Another VAR intervention and another disallowed goal against Bologna! Orsolini’s arm was penalized when he received the ball before goal.21:15

  • 27 ‘

    Fabiano Baresi yellow card03:11

  • 23 ‘

    Empoli again: a free kick from the trocar by Marin. The ball reached the area but the Bologna defense failed to release it and Caputo reached the ball but kicked high over the bar.21:10

  • 22 ‘

    After the disallowed goal against Bologna, Empoli started to come out and climb more even with some mistakes in the last steps.21:08

  • 18 ‘

    The VAR check is over: Lucumì’s touch with his arm is confirmed and the referee disallows Bologna’s goal.21:04

  • 17 ‘

    VAR comes into play after Bologna’s goal: we need to assess an alleged handball by Lokomo in the area.21:03

  • 16′

    From the corner, Bologna found it 1-1: but Moro’s shot was deflected by Lokomo in the area and the referee still did not indicate the center of the field.21:06

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  • 14 ‘

    The study phase of the match, the teams do not discover each other, but Bologna build the ball and make it try to find the right solution to open Empoli’s back guard.21:01

  • 10′

    Empoli tries to find depth with a long pass from Marin, preferring a quick run from Campiaghi, but the ball is not well calibrated and Skorupski can intervene.20:57

  • 6 ‘

    Bologna tries to fight back after their own goal and tries from the left lane with Orsolini and Dominguez but Empoli closes well.8:52 PM

  • Goal! Empoli 1-0 Bologna! Lucumi’s own goal. After just 40 seconds of play, a Rossoblu player fails to deflect Baresi’s cross and heavily impacts the ball which ends up in the net for Empoli’s lightning advantage.10:16 p.m

  • Start the match! The first ball he played Bologna.8:46 p.m

  • The teams have finished warming up: everything is ready for the start of the Empoli-Bologna match.8:44 p.m

  • It will be a match between two forwards: on the one hand, Orsolini is one goal away from reaching double figures for the first time in his Serie A career, and on the other hand, Caputo finds himself playing against the team he has scored the most goals for in the tournament (5, as against SPAL). 8:24 p.m

  • Among the guests, however, Orsolini’s home jersey was confirmed, as well as the presence of Moro and Schotten in front of the defence. Barrow won the run-off with Zarkazi. Ferguson will start from the bench. 8:20 p.m

  • For the hosts, Zanetti relies once again on the tandem Cambiaghi-Caputo striker and, compared to the last match against Sassuolo, makes only one change from the first minute in midfield as Akpa Akpro tonight while Bandinelli starts from the bench.8:16 p.m

  • OFFICIAL LINE: Bologna replied with 4-3-3: Skorupski – Posch, Lucumì, Soumaoro, Cambiaso – Moro, Schouten, Dominguez – Orsolini, Barrow, Aebischer. Subs: Pyyhtia, Bardi, Lykogiannis, De Silvestri, Sosa, Bonifazi, Zirkzee, Medel, Ravaglia, Ferguson.8:12 p.m

  • The official line: Empoli takes the field with a score of 4-3-1-2: Vicario – Ebewe, Alokiewicz, Luberto, Baresi – Grassi, Marin, Akpa Akpro – Baldanzi – Cambiaghi, Caputo. Subs: Destro, Bjaca, Haas, Ismagli, Stojanovic, Tonelli, Kakas, Beresan, Satriano, Ojcani, Henderson, Venato, Piccoli, Bandinelli, Fazzini.8:46 p.m

  • Bologna, on the other hand, came back from a 1-1 home draw against Juventus, a match in which Orsolini scored (from the penalty spot) his ninth league goal of the season. Thiago Motta’s team is currently ninth in the standings with 45 points, as a result of 12 wins, 9 draws and 11 defeats collected so far.20:07

  • Empoli comes to this match from the away defeat against Sassuolo 2-1 at the Mabi Stadium. The Tuscan team is currently 15th in the standings with 32 points, 5 lengths from the relegation zone.20:04

  • Welcome to the live coverage of the match between Empoli and Bologna, a match valid for the 33rd day of the Italian Serie A championship. 20:02

  • Where to play the game:

    Stadium: Carlo Castellani
    City: Empoli
    Capacity: 19,795 spectators20:02

    Charles Castellani
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