Instagram, with this function, you can say goodbye to spam and annoying messages: here’s how

Instagram, with this function, you can say goodbye to spam and annoying messages: here’s how

A growing number of you are lamenting the increasing amount of spam you’re being bombarded with on Instagram, which is completely legitimate and unbearable.

Besides being very intrusive, Instagram spam is also a serious problem that should not be taken lightly. In this article we suggest you Regain control of the box Send an email from your Instagram account and we’ll show you how to avoid them attacking you as much as possible.

It is now difficult to send a message on Instagram –

On Instagram it will now be even more so It’s hard to send a message To someone who doesn’t follow you, announce your death in an email sent to several media outlets. To enhance the security of your private messages, the platform includes New integrated restrictions: If a user doesn’t follow you, you can just send them a direct message request. You will no longer be able to ask him before he accepts your invitation. Let’s find out all the news.

Instagram: From today you can say stop spam

Private message invitations can only contain text. Photos, videos, or voice notes can only be transferred later. With this new feature, which has been tested since June, Instagram wants… Reduce spam in messages and provide an additional layer of security Prevent users from receiving shocking photos or videos from strangers.

Major security campaign led by Meta –

Please note, however, that this feature will It only works if you activate it. To do this, go to Settings & Privacy, then Messages and responses to stories And finally Message settings. Instagram is gradually expanding its security measures. In recent years the social network has added Many features It aims to reduce spam and harassment on the platform.

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In the application settings it is possible Access these options:

  • Hidden words: This option allows you to include unwanted words. You won’t see it if it appears in comments, invitations, or private messages.
  • Limited Interactions: This feature is provided in the event of a sudden spike in comments, to limit exposure to online harassment.
  • Restrict: This feature allows you to protect yourself from account actions without blocking it. The limited user is the only one who sees their interactions with you, but they don’t know it.

Moreover, this new feature is part of much more Extensive safety campaign led by Meta. A few days ago, the company announced new parental control options on Instagram and Messenger, including the ability for parents to do so Monitor the time your children spend On applications.

However, remember that finding a private account is much more difficult for spammers. Instagram sets your account as public by default, making i Your posts are visible to all Instagram users…and thus also to spammers who can easily target you.

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