Whatsapp has been attacked by hackers, data and passwords are at risk: what’s going on

Whatsapp has been attacked by hackers, data and passwords are at risk: what’s going on

Watch out, WhatsApp is under attack from hackers! So let’s get into the details and see what happens and above all how to defend yourself.

Another attempt to deceive users The WhatsAppwith data and passwords compromised after a hacker attack against a well-known instant messaging app.

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From computer to file smart phoneThere are many technological tools available to us that allow us to communicate at any time with friends, relatives and businesses that are very far away physically. In fact, there are many services available to us, such as emails, as well as text messages and instant messaging apps.

Just delving into the latter, the most famous one is without a doubt The WhatsApp which was recently attacked by hackers. A situation that cannot go unnoticed, with Data and passwords of many vulnerable users. But what’s going on? So let’s get into the details to see all there is to know about him and above all how to stand up for yourself.

Whatsapp attacked by hackers, data and passwords: all you need to know

Despite the difficult historical period in which we find ourselves living, scammers never stop inventing different types of scams to try to make the miserable person fall into the trap. starting from Six digit Whatsapp code scam Even fake insurance online, unfortunately, there are many fraud attempts that we should watch out for.

Also in this context, a New pirate attack Which targeted the Whatsapp passwords of around 28,000 users. Going into detail, as Open reported, a new hacking campaign will be coming from Moscow. researchers ArmorblocksIt is an American security company. But how is it implemented?

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Well, it is clear that the scammers will pretend to be officials of the Road Safety Center of the Moscow Region. Then the victims are sent one Email with fake Whatsapp voice message. To deceive graphics that reproduce the graphics of a specifically known application. It’s a pity that just starting to play the audio falls into the trap.

By taking this action, in effect, you end up opening a website. At this point, if you press Allow, you end up installing a file Malware On your device it can store all your saved passwords. Therefore, these also include the services of any financial services used on a computer or smartphone.

Whatsapp is attacked by hackers, data and passwords are at risk: How to defend yourself

If all this were not enough, Armorblox researchers declared, it is very difficult to intercept the virus in question with the various anti-spam programs we have in place. This is because the original email address is completely legitimate, and the latter is most likely, in turn, in the hands of some malicious people.

A story that certainly cannot go unnoticed, as it risks falling into the trap of many. Precisely for this reason, it is good to emphasize that Whatsapp never sends emails to its users. To avoid unpleasant inconveniences, we always invite you not to open attachments or click on messages from unknown senders.

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