May 29, 2023

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Xbox Game Pass, another game surprisingly added to July 2022 titles –

Xbox Game Pass will get Another surprise game Among those expected in July 2022 with sympathizers Garden storywhich will arrive directly in the catalog on its release date, which is set for July 12, 2022 and therefore definitely closed.

Stranger, the story of the garden did the number In Microsoft’s official announcement published yesterday about the first batch of games for subscribers expected in the first half of July 2022 on Xbox Game Pass, but we’re used to seeing these surprise additions outside of previously published software, so don’t. We are very surprised.

Garden Story is a standalone game by Rose City Games, previously released on PC and Nintendo Switch, that focuses on a serene and magical rural environment.

Garden story, screenshot from the game

The hero of the story is a kind of anthropomorphic berry, or something like that, who takes part in the difficult task of saving Grove, the forest in which he lives with his friends, from a mysterious threat.

In this mix of Zelda-style action adventures, RPGs and sandbox elementsWe then find ourselves exploring different environments, participating in different missions, solving puzzles, fighting enemies and choosing different activities within this magical world in an decidedly relaxed tone.

So Garden Story will be added to Xbox Game Pass on July 12, 2022, slightly preceding another addition that appeared as a surprise only today, or Escape Academy, which also appeared outside the official announcement in the July 2022 News, which is up at this point. Already 14 matches in the first half of the month.