Inside the stomach is a piece of a uniform.

Inside the stomach is a piece of a uniform.

A Filipino fisherman catches a giant grouper, but he does not imagine that the fish would spread panic in the village.

Grouper cut in half (YouTube / Family Suricata) –

Arnold Kostantino is a fisherman who lives in a village in the Philippines. One day, while hunting, he manages to Giant grouper hookIt is more than two meters long and weighs nearly two and a half kilograms. After much effort to catch the fish, he managed to win and lift it into his boat. In short, you’re back at the port, where the fish are unloaded in front of everyone’s eyes.

Traders start cutting the animalThen you can sell it on the market. However, there is an unexpected discovery in its bowels: The golden badge of the local police, looks brand new. Immediately upon arousing suspicion, the villagers wonder if the Grouper can After he ate a copOr maybe if the badge accidentally falls into the water.

The secret of the emblem is in the bowels of the grouper

Obviously, no one can give a definite answer to what happened. However, it should be known that giant grouper attacks on people are common. Not surprisingly, there are many Witnessed attacks on divers. Of course, this does not explain the presence of the police badge in the stomach of the fish. The Indo-Pacific grouper is one of the largest fish in the world.

The fish caught (YouTube / Family Suricata) –

Its size is frighteningAlthough slow, her attacks are very dangerous. Its wide mouth sniffs out its prey, among which are octopuses, sea turtles, and gastropods. With his strength, he could even hold his own against sharks. Raise the discovery of the badge in the guts of the fish A commotion in the villageEveryone is talking about it, everyone is suspicious, even one is searching the archives to see if it has been there recently The disappearance of a policeman. However, the mystery was not solved.

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Discovery of fish in the bowels and panic in the village

The badge is in the guts of the fish (Youtube / The Meerkat Family) –

belongs to a family ceranidesthe Indopacific grouper having incredible properties. Some divers have reported seeing larger specimens, up to 3 meters long. Lonely fish, grouper never shares territories with other specimens. At most, within a few kilometers, two or three could be spotted.

This species lives Pacific regions and Southeast Asia, but also in the Persian Gulf and the Indian Ocean. They swim on rocky bottoms, reaching a maximum depth of 200 meters, but mostly swim on the surface, a few meters below sea level. in the East I’m a delicious dishAlthough it is often Grouper meat causes ciguatteraNo food poisoning.

This happens because a Non-bacterial poisonbetter known as ciguatoxin, a lot Common in tropical fish. Food poisoning of this type causes subtle symptoms, such as weakness, involuntary muscle contractions, itching, difficulty swallowing, tingling, blurred vision, nausea, and convulsions. However, the incidence of fatalities is very low, and it heals within a few days, after taking certain medications. hereinstead of, The absurd discovery inside the guts of a crocodile in Africa.

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