Reddit deleted all private messages prior to January 1, 2023

Reddit deleted all private messages prior to January 1, 2023

In recent days, many users of the social network Reddit have reported that they can no longer access any of the private messages that were exchanged with other people within the platform before January 1, 2023. This is not a system error: the company that runs Reddit has decided to delete all chats before that day to “ensure a quick and rapid transition” to a new chat infrastructure.

The decision was announced by Reddit in a statement on June 22 and took effect on June 30, leaving users about a week to save their chat archives if they don’t want to lose them. The release said that chats made before January 1 will not be imported into the new system, but they will not be deleted. Because of this, many users say that they did not understand what was about to happen and are now complaining about missing contacts that are very important to them, such as the first messages exchanged with the person who would later become their partner or long discussions about being dear to them and not copied in anywhere else.

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