Increasing crimes now scare Moscow

Increasing crimes now scare Moscow

It is not usual for the Duma to criticize what has been taken at the top level and point out what should be done instead. Perhaps for this reason, Nina Ostanina, head of the Committee on Family, Women and Minors, was particularly cautious: “No one has revoked control over these citizens… I do not see anything serious in the fact that the public security services were called in to periodically check these children.”

There are a lot of “boys” Tens of thousands of criminals He returned from the “special operation” in Ukraine after being pardoned. In many villages and towns in Russia, all people talk about are these individuals walking around boldly Pretend to be heroes and terrorize the population. Igor Safonov, who was in prison on drug trafficking charges, fought for six months and then resurfaced in the village of Derevyano in Karelia where he was arrested again. On charges of killing and mutilating six people in two houses Which he then set on fire. Sergei Rudenko, who was released from prison where he was serving a murder sentence, was arrested after arriving in Rostov where he allegedly Strangled a woman Who quarreled with him about renting the house. another boy” He raped minors You have just set foot in Volgograd, the former Stalingrad. Serial killer Oleg Grechko, who had been imprisoned for three murders, was brought back to the Nizhny Novgorod region and immediately set his sister on fire. In one of the villages of the Kirov region. Residents are terrified“It is impossible to sleep at night,” Galina Sapozhnikova told local newspapers. Ivan Rosomakhin, another killer released to Ukraine who survived the war, was roaming the streets with an ax and a knife, shouting “I will kill everyone!”

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The numbers are impressive, according to data provided by recruiters themselves. Yevgeny Prigozhin, the former Wagner boss who died after a brief revolt against Putin, said he had joined his company 49 thousand prisoners. According to him, they would have survived six months of fighting In 32 thousand. After Wagner, the army also began prison hunting to bolster its ranks. Thousands of other men were included in Storm-Z groups and were almost always used as cannon fodder. They were also sent forward simply to attract enemy fire so that commanders could locate where Ukrainian forces were hiding. Perhaps whoever had the brilliant idea to use this cheap labor thought that very few people would survive. But that was not the case, and now, at home, the “boys” continue to behave as they probably did when they were among the enemy population, at least according to countless accounts of atrocities committed by the occupying forces.

Representative Ostanina recalls that initially it was decided to exclude inmates for the most serious crimes, but it is clear that things went differently after that. And now you ask that These “heroes” are at least subject to regular checks For those on temporary release. Weekly or monthly visits to the police station and no absolute license to do what they want.

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