Early retirement at 65 All of these categories will have access to: here’s which one

Early retirement at 65 All of these categories will have access to: here’s which one

Did you know that you can take early retirement at the age of 65? Let’s find out how to do this and what categories they will be able to get into to retire early.

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There is excellent news for those who wish to retire at 65 and can do so by leaving the world of work early. How can you take advantage of this new feature? Here any are the categories that they can access Early retirement at the age of 65!

Early retirement at the age of 65 with recalculation of the contribution

The law generally provides for retirement at the age of 67 in old age, but also provides for early retirement for men who have done so Payment of 42 years and 10 months of subscriptions. For women, the law provides for lower payments for one year, but this group also benefits from measures that allow this early retirement.

To do this, we proceed to recalculate the contribution, which is the procedure foreseen in the so-called women’s choice. As the procedure itself states, a worker who meets the required requirements can opt for early retirement. But in this case, the calculation of the measure contribution does not provide for other alternatives because it is the only one allowed.

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There is, too Early retirement with 20 years of contributions and 64 years of age is a contribution It states that in recalculation there are no other types of contributions paid in addition to contributions. Alternatively, those whose contributions may be mixed Payments were made prior to January 1, 1996the date of its entry into force exclusively contribution system.

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Separate management and contribution account

Even for those who have separate management it falls under the shareholding system. In this case, it is the worker who must choose the social security fund on which he relies. it is good Find out by counting in the separate INPS department It is possible to retire early at the age of 65.

Few people know this rule, and although recalculating the contribution may seem punitive in reality There are many advantagesOtherwise, workers would not choose this type of recalculation. Furthermore, it should be noted that the separate INPS management has the same requirements as the Contributory Option and is fully compliant with Early Retirement at 64 Contributory Type with 20 Contributory Payment.

This option, as well as for those who are Enrolled in the separate INPS departmentIt also targets workers With 15 years of subscriptions and 5 of them are paid In the contribution system, contributions made before 1996 must also be under the age of 18.

Therefore, Article 3 of Ministerial Resolution No. 282 of 1996 paved the way for resorting to recalculating contributions and early retirement at the age of 65.

The monthly allowance must not be less than 1,409.16 euros

Therefore, as mentioned earlier, those who wish to retire early at the age of 65 and meet the above requirements can do so easily. Actually, you should know that It may turn out that the count in the separate department is harmonious With early retirement benefits.

However, there is one important detail to be aware of, and it relates to the amount of the check that will be cashed. In order to implement the early participation pension scale, it is necessary to have the amount of the pension The pension is not less than 2.8 times The size of the social transaction.

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Since the amount of the monthly social allowance is currently equal to 503.27 euros, to settle the pension with early retirement the allowance must amount to The figure is 1409.16 euros per month. So, as we’ve seen, there is potential for that Early retirement at age 65.

Thus anyone who wants and has the required requirements can take advantage of the option to recalculate contributions and opt for them even if they are registered with the separate INPS department. For further clarification, an authorized CAF sponsor should be approached who will be able to provide further clarifications on the procedure and preparation of the application for retirement at the age of 65.

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