Spain: Man sentenced to 15 years in prison for eating mother

Spain: Man sentenced to 15 years in prison for eating mother

A Madrid court on Tuesday sentenced a Spaniard to fifteen years and five months in prison for strangling his mother and cutting her body parts to pieces.


During the sentencing, the man – nicknamed “Ventas’ Cannibalism”, was found by police to have found “horrible remnants” in the Madrid district – possessing “his mental abilities in real time”. So he will enjoy his sentence in prison.

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Attempts were made for acts that took place from January 21 to February 21, 2019 – the exact date could not be determined – Alberto SG was sentenced to fifteen years in prison with the worst case scenario of murder and family relations, நீதிமன்ற five to five months imprisonment for defaming the corpse, that The man killed his mother then ate his corpse for at least fifteen days.

In early 2019, Alberto fought with his 69-year-old mother in a shared apartment in the vicinity of Las Vendas, famous for its bullshit.

After strangling her, he cut her body into a room and cut it with two kitchen knives “in order to make it disappear”, explaining the case in his indictment.

“Once the body was cut into pieces, the accused periodically fed the remains of the corpse and stored the other pieces in several plastic containers in the apartment and in the refrigerator,” he added.

He threw the other pieces in the trash.

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According to local media, a police officer who was heard during the investigation said that when he entered the apartment, the accused ate some raw pieces, cooked others and gave some to his dog.

The man, who police said had drug problems, was arrested in February 2019 after police searched for his mother, who was reported missing by a friend.

Contrary to the defense’s attempt to argue during the trial, the court ruled that there was no “evidence” showing that the accused was mentally incompetent.

In addition to this imprisonment, the person must pay 60,000 euros in compensation to his brother.

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