‘Ineffective against China’: Tank ultimatum that worries the US

‘Ineffective against China’: Tank ultimatum that worries the US

to’army Science Councilan independent group of experts that advises the US Secretary of the Army, recently published an assessment on the future of the armored tank. M1 Abrams. The report mercilessly states that MBT (Main battle tank) “It won’t be effectiveOr capable of “dominance” on the battlefields of the 2040s, especially in the context of a potential high-level conflict against China.

the site CD player He analyzed the report in detail, which concluded with a request for an effort to replace Abrams tanks with a possible derivative of the next generation M1, as well as noting the need for lighter tanks armed with larger caliber guns and hypersonic anti-tank missiles, and capable of operating unmanned ground vehicles (UGV). Unmanned ground vehicle). The US Army currently has approx 2,500 M1 Abrams in service, with thousands more in storage that can be retrofitted and returned to service if necessary. This cart It entered service in the 1980s Since then various variations have been introduced.

The Army Science Board study, which began in 2019 and ended this year, states that “Based on our findings, the M1 Abrams tank will not dominate the battlefield in 2040. All of the M1’s advantages in mobility, firepower, and protection are at risk. The M1A2 Sep V3 and 4 upgrades will improve effectiveness, but will not restore battlefield dominanceThis problem is linked to greater intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) capabilities.Intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance) Adversaries that increase the lethality of forces (in this case China and Russia).

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It is reported that both Moscow and Beijing “have studied our forces and our doctrine and are implementing countermeasures.” We will continue to fight outnumbered, exacerbated by the low operational readiness of our main battle tanks and the aging fleet.

Therefore, Abrams will not be able to face a direct confrontation in the future with China to defend it TaiwanFor example, because “the battlefield of 2040 will see a significant increase in the use of robots in combat, intelligence, surveillance, and logistics functions; AI-assisted target identification capabilities; cyber attacks on command and control structures; Long-range indirect fire systems (artillery and missiles/missiles) with increasingly powerful precision munitions capable of defeating any target they can reach.” The operational assessment also stated that the Abrams tanks had reached their maximum hull weight.

Many of the features considered desirable for a tank following the M1, namely lower weight, greater armament, and greater ability to link up with other assets on the battlefield, are also those that General Dynamics included in the M1 tank.Abramsa technical presentation of a new tank that was revealed for the first time last year, not to mention that the US Army has expressed interest in the new tank. M10 PokerThe “light tank” was ordered in the first 26 examples last July.

In fact, the question of the existence of new generation strollerssystems systemsOr they merge into themselves Who designed it? (i.e. by design) The possibility of working with other assets on the battlefield, receiving, collecting and analyzing data in real time, and driving unmanned vehicles, is also being addressed in Europe. Although with many difficulties.

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The war of the future will be multi-domain and will require a high level of integration between forces and even between different countries, so tanks like the Abrams, which were conceived and designed in the 1980s, are not up to the challenges they will face.

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