Ukraine-Russia Today’s News | The death toll in the Kubyansk massacre rises. Bombs in Kiev and Mykolaiv –

Ukraine-Russia Today’s News |  The death toll in the Kubyansk massacre rises.  Bombs in Kiev and Mykolaiv –

• Moscow: “The Burevestnik nuclear missile was successfully tested.”
• Russian attack on Kubyansk: at least 51 dead
• Putin: “I had proposed that Russia join NATO, but they refused.”
• On the Black Sea, Russia is now on the defensive: the army moves some ships from Sevastopol and Novorossiysk

06.13 am – Explosions in Kharkiv and local authorities report a new Russian attack

Explosions occurred this morning in the city of Kharkiv, eastern Ukraine, immediately after an air alert was declared for the entire region. This was stated by the Kharkiv Regional Governor, Oleh Sinyhopov, on the Telegram application. The governor explained that the explosions occurred at around 6.46 am local time (5.46 am Italian time). Sinyhopov urged: “To the residents of Kharkiv and the region, stay in the shelters!” The city’s mayor, Ihor Terekhov, said the attack hit the central part of the city.

05.27 am – Explosions in Cherkasy and alert in eight regions

Local media reported that explosions were heard overnight in the Cherkasy region in central Ukraine. The air raid alert was also sounded today in seven other oblasts: Odessa, Kharkiv, Mykolaiv, Poltava, Khmelnytskyi, Chernivtsi, Kirovohrad. Explosions were also reported earlier in the cities of Kiev, Odessa and Mykolaiv.

04.39 am – the attack of the Sevastopol governor on Kiev was repulsed

Attacks by two Ukrainian drone boats in Sevastopol were repelled. This was stated by city governor Mikhail Razvozaev on his Telegram channel. Razvozaev wrote: “Loud sounds in the northern pier area are coming from the crews of the Black Sea Fleet. According to preliminary information: they are repelling an attack by two unmanned naval ships.” Ukrainian armed forces regularly bomb Russia’s border areas, carrying out drone attacks and sabotage.

04.22 am – The Russians bomb the Sumy region, killing one person

Russia bombed eight communities along the Ukrainian border in the Sumy region, striking 22 times yesterday. The military administration of the Sumy region reported this in a telegram. At least 131 explosions were recorded. The communities of Bilobelia, Krasnopilia, Khotyn, Seredina-Buda, Velika Pisarevka, Isman, Znob-Novhorodsky and Yunakievka were targeted. Seredina-Buda was attacked with multiple Grad rocket launchers and one civilian was killed.

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03.10 am – 8 drones from Kiev were shot down in Belgorod

Moscow said on Friday it had destroyed eight Ukrainian drones in western Russia, following a deadly Russian attack on a village outside the front. The Russian Defense Ministry said that two attempts to launch drone attacks in Belgorod and Kursk occurred on Thursday evening. “An attempt by the Kiev regime to carry out a terrorist attack with a drone against targets on the territory of the Russian Federation was thwarted,” we read on the telegram. One drone was destroyed over Kursk and seven drones were shot down over Belgorod and the surrounding area a few hours later. Belgorod Governor Vyacheslav Gladkov initially reported six drone attacks in his region, saying on Telegram that “according to preliminary data, there were no casualties.” “The operational services clarify information about the consequences on the ground,” he wrote.

03.08 AM – 580 million euros in aid for families from the United Kingdom

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak announced new humanitarian aid to support Ukrainians in the second winter of Kiev’s war against Russia. According to Sunak’s office, the assistance includes a loan guarantee of approximately €580 million through the World Bank to ensure Ukraine can provide financial support for the winter to three million families. London will also send nearly €40 million to the United Nations and charities that will provide Ukrainians with shelter and winter clothing, as well as providing more than €11 million to support domestic electricity in the wake of Russian attacks on energy infrastructure.

03.07 am – Explosions in Odessa and alarm throughout the region

01.54 am – Ukrainian media, explosions in Kiev and Mykolaiv

An explosion was heard in the early hours of the day in the Ukrainian capital, Kiev. This was reported by local media, which also reported two explosions in the southern port of Mykolaiv.

11.48pm – Zelensky: “We will have other air defense systems and long-range weapons”

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky summarized the results of his visit to Spain, on the occasion of the European Political Community summit in Granada, stressing that he held many important meetings, during which agreements were reached on strengthening Ukrainian air defenses and supplying Ukraine with artillery and aircraft. Long-range weapons to Ukraine. In his regular evening video message, he quoted ocrinformZelensky spoke of “many meetings and important negotiations.” We will have more air defenses, and there are clear agreements. This is very important before winter. Spain, Italy, France, Germany, United Kingdom – Thank you! Our soldiers will have more artillery. There will be more long-range weapons. “There will definitely be more justice.”

According to the Kiev leader, the main message that Ukraine is sending to the world is that evil has no right to prevail. “And only now, only in Ukraine, can this principled moral position be taken. But all together! I thank all the leaders of our partner countries for today’s meetings! I thank the European Union and the European Parliament for their clear support. Thank you, Spain, for giving us all the opportunity today to strengthen European unity. Unity is the answer. We will do everything to preserve it.”

7.56 pm – White House: Horrific Russian attack, support Ukraine

“We continue to see Russian attacks like the one today: 49 innocent people killed in a Russian raid while they were shopping. terrible. This is what happens in Ukraine every day. We must continue to support Ukraine because this is the reality that the population lives with every day.” This was stated by White House spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre, commenting on the attack that occurred on a grocery store in the Kubyansk district of the Kharkiv region.

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6.05pm – Kobyansk massacre

(Written by Marta Serafini) It’s not just one of the bloodiest attacks since the war began. The raid on the village of Harouza yesterday hit one of the areas most affected by this war. The Kharkiv region has been at the forefront of clashes between the Russian and Ukrainian armies since February 2022. The Russians occupied it and then liberated it on September 10 of last year. Kubyansk is one of the major centers of the region and an important center for military supplies. It is no coincidence that in this region it has been assumed that a new Russian offensive could begin and that there may be an attempt to retaliate by the Ukrainians to continue the counteroffensive that began last fall.

Located 385 kilometers north of Mariupol, Kubyansk is an important logistics, railway and military centre. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky visited front-line troops on TuesdayMedals were distributed and a Leopard tank donated by the Allies was inspected, In the forest just outside of town, which is between Haroza and the front. Also during the visit, Zelensky himself explained how the front line between Kubyansk and Liman to the south is one of the “hottest areas of the war.” It is no coincidence that six weeks ago the Kiev authorities ordered the evacuation of civilians from the area. However, as often happens especially in the eastern regions of the country, many residents decided not to leave their homes. In the café in Hruza, which the Russians bombed yesterday with an Iskander missile, according to a preliminary reconstruction, a funeral service was held in memory of a village resident who died. Certainly not a military target.

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