TikTok, a new US-Chinese clash: Washington asks Chinese owners to sell shares

TikTok, a new US-Chinese clash: Washington asks Chinese owners to sell shares

TikTok is increasingly at risk in the United States. And not just on federally owned devices, but nationwide and for all users. Unless the social media company’s Chinese owners withdraw their stakes and sell them. The request has already been rejected for the sender.

This is a new escalation in relations between the Biden administration and one of the most popular social networks in the world, with more than 100 million American users. Former White House tenant Donald Trump has already tried to block TikTok, but has been blocked by the courts.

National security issue

Now there is talk of the “national security” of the United States, which TikTok could endanger by transferring data to the Chinese government. A position not only related to the United States of America, given the fear of possible Chinese espionage, it has also been raised by countries such as the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia as well as by the European Commission.

“If the goal is to protect national security, divestment does not solve the problem: a change of ownership will not impose any new restrictions on data flow or access,” TikTok spokeswoman Brooke Oberwetter said in a statement.

“The best way to address national security concerns is transparent, US-based protection of US user data and systems, with robust third-party monitoring, control, and verification,” he added.

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