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In Visions of Science VR Museum, Documentary in Virtual Reality – MI-LORENTEGGIO.COM

Last updated Sep 6, 2022-9: 24 AM

( Milan September 6, 2022. The International Documentary Festival Visioni dal Mondo, in partnership with the National Museum of Science and Technology and supported by Rai Cinema, opens a new section entirely dedicated to virtual reality: Visioni VR.

Indeed, from Friday 16 to Sunday 18 September, a program of four documentaries is selected in competition in the Museum Hall, one Italian production and three international films: Genesis, a computer documentary that traces the crucial stages of human evolution, Substitutions, an animated story about roots and time The Change, above and below, is part of a documentary from the Equator 360 series that proposes a journey along the imaginary line of the equator to discover the fascinating cultures that inhabit it, Marie Nostrum – Lenkopo, a feature film to experience the nightmare journey of a refugee from the desert to the Mediterranean.

The competing works will be voted on by the audience and the winning film will be awarded a cash prize.
At the end of the viewing, each participant will be asked to express their preference for the best title in the competition.
A quality jury made up of press and influencers will also award two special mentions.

Documentaries will also be available in competition on the occasion of the Museum’s Open Night which will take place on Friday 30 September, as part of the European Night for Scholars and Scholars. During the evening, in fact, they will be included in the special programming of the schedule of VR CINEMA, the museum’s virtual reality cinema created in collaboration with Rai Cinema, titled VR CINEMA WORLD EDITION.

Visioni VR is an activity by reservation included in the cost of the entrance ticket to the Museum.

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VR TV Program Insights
On the occasion of the Visioni dal Mondo Festival, the museum has created a special VR area in the hall to host Visioni VR documentaries.
Friday, September 16 | 2.00 pm, 3.00 pm, 4.00 pm
Saturday 17 and Sunday 18 September | 10.00, 11.00, 12.00, 14.30, 15.30, 16.30, 17.30
Available seats: 8

Nestrum Mar. the nightmare
Directed by: Stefania Cassini
Produced by: Tama Filmproduktion, Bizef Production, jointly with Intrigo Internazionale and MediaApes
Country: Italy | Year: 2019
Duration: 11 ′ | Language: English and French
MARE NOSTRUM – The Nightmare is a fantasy film shot in 360-degree virtual reality with CGI effects that sends the viewer on a tour of emotions to recreate the nightmare journey of a young Moorish boy, Atambu, who leaves home in a painful farewell as his desperately adventurous mother attempts to reach Europe from desert to the Mediterranean. A sad saga to understand what it means to give up everything and reflect on notions of hospitality, racism and hostility.

Director: Jonathan Haggard
Produced by: Kampung Ayo, Soi Ura Jamu, USA Film
Country: Japan, Indonesia, Germany | Year: 2020
Duration: 12′ | Language: silent movie
The alternate people depict a Javanese family living in a fictional neighborhood in the city of Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia. Inspired by the places and people present, the characters witness the urban, environmental, political, and cultural transformations that swept the city between 1980 and 2020. A hymn to the gratification of the transient, the work chronicles the transformation of an ancient traditional village into a rootless giant city spanning three generations. This experiment aims to assess and analyze the recent history of Jakarta through the eyes of a common family that most Indonesians can identify with.

The above and the following
Director: Nicholas Juliet
Production: DEEP Inc. / Liquid Cinema in collaboration with ARTE, Discovery and NHK with the participation of the Bell Fund and OMDC
Country: France, Canada | Year: 2018
Duration: 12′ | Language: English with English subtitles
The above and what follows are part of the 5-episode Equator 360 documentary, each leading to the discovery of magical and wonderful places on the equator, with their mystical rituals and amazing ecological diversity. The work recounts the life of the Bajau Lauts of Southeast Asia who lived by the sea for thousands of years. These people avoid their presence on land, know no borders and their Bedouin culture is increasingly at odds with the modern world, between devastating poaching and climate change.

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Director: Jörg Courtiel
Produced by: Maria Courtial – Faber Korthal, Magenta Virtual Reality
Country: Germany | Year: 2021
Duration: 13 ‘| English language
Genesis embarks on an emotionally intense 24-hour journey to relive the dramatic stages of development from an unprecedented perspective. A journey through time between chaos, rebirth and disaster, unknown, mystical and frightening dimensions, filled with stunning landscapes and creatures that already existed. From the young and bright planet Earth surrounded by cosmic debris, to the endless dark oceans of the underwater world, from the prehistoric jungle with giant insects, to the mass extinction and the beginning of a new cycle in which they conquered the dinosaurs, the Earth appears before to be in turn doomed to extinction and face our ancestors face to face . What remains is a powerful impression of the Earth and its insurmountable life force and fragility.

International Festival of Documentary Visions of the World
The 8th International Vigine Dal Mundo Documentary Film Festival will take place from Thursday 15 to Sunday 18 September in Milan, the long-awaited annual rendezvous with a reality cinema conceived, founded and directed by Francesco Bizzarri, with the artistic direction of Maurizio Nichetti.
More knowledge. More awareness. This is the topic of the 2022 edition. “Knowledge and Awareness,” two identical terms that refer to the way each individual positions themselves in relation to the choices they make, their preferred ideas, beliefs and behaviors. Knowledge In order to establish a conscious union with reality, knowledge saves man from restrictions and opens him beyond the limits of his conscience.
For the 2022 edition, the festival has chosen three places emblematic of the culture of the Lombard capital: the Teatro Letta, the Elysee Polytechnique and the Leonardo da Vinci National Museum of Science and Technology.
36 premieres of Italian and international documentaries scheduled for the different sections of the festival: an Italian competition with two categories of feature films and a first film for new talents aimed at Italian filmmakers, the International Competition, dedicated to foreign productions, and Out-of-competition Panorama.
36 titles will be shown at the Litta Theater and at the Elysée Multiplex in the presence of the directors who will answer the audience’s questions.
The best virtual reality productions in the documentary world will be shown at Leonardo da Vinci’s National Museum of Science and Technology.
Visioni dal Mondo 2022 confirms that the formula is open to the public with free admission subject to availability. Also for this edition, Visioni dal Mondo will provide the opportunity to follow previews from all over Italy on the festival’s official website through the web rooms of the Italian broadcasting platform MYmovies.

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