June 6, 2023

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Canaves: To the “Strampinaria” with the shuttle in the name of the flag. Here is all the useful information – Canaviz News

From September 1 to 4, the flag returns to Strambino as the protagonist with “Strambinaria – Folle di Scienza”, Framework project – Scientific Digressions, promoted by the Municipality of Strambino, with the support of Compagnia di San Paolo and sponsored by the City of Turin, which, on the afternoon of Sunday 4 September, as part of the Pums-Urban Plan for Sustainable Mobility, will have a free shuttle bus service departing from Turin (station Porta Susa, Corso Bolzano – Stalo 14) at 2.00 pm with return from Strambino at 7.00 pm with the aim of facilitating group travel, limiting the movement of private vehicles and allowing participation in events even for groups of the public who do not use the car.

This year for the fifth time, “Strambinaria – Folle di Scienza” brings together the Strambino Society of Science Conductors and Promoters to build and imagine the immediate future of science communication.

Among the topics to be covered are global warming, vaccines and genetically modified organisms, but also new technologies, mobility, and the impact of research on everyday life.
On the evening of Saturday 3 and in the afternoon of Sunday 4 September, the event will be open to the public with “Strambinaria”, a free event with meetings, workshops for children, and performances organized in the territory of the city of Strambino. An opportunity to interact with champions of national and international scientific publishing and research in an innovative and engaging context.
The full program is also available on the website www.follediscienza.it

To book the shuttle:

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